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>Next Topic: Timidity
>I received a phone call last night while I was having dinner.  I have an
>agreement with my wife that we don't answer the phone in the middle of
>dinner.   I forgot to check the message last night.  When I checked it this
>morning, I found that someone had called who had received the other E-Mails
>and had personal questions but was hesitant to discuss them over the phone.
>The question becomes:  
>"Should you be afraid 
>to openly discuss 
>anything you do
>in the furtherance of
>restoring your 
>God Given Rights?"
>Here is my response to the phone call:
>It is now 3:15 AM.  I did get a little sleep but I am up again!  I just now
>checked my messages and  found that you had called.  You can reach me most
>of the time at  the number you called, especially this week.  If I don't
>answer, I will call you back.
>With regard to your being hesitant to talk over the phone, let me again
>state that our Movement has to be totally in the open.  If what you want 
>to talk about is RIGHT, then you should be willing to shout it from the
>highest building! *
>(If it is WRONG. I don't even want to hear it!)
>Examples:  I believe 100% that stopping the payment of extortion money you
>don't even owe under the law is not only RIGHT it is the only Patriotic
>thing to do.   I believe that challenging every federal requirement is not
>Having said that, let me also tell you that by now, you can rest assured
>that 100% of my communications in all forms are being intercepted.  
>The Conspiracy is  looking for ANYTHING they can use against us.  
>You should feel the same way about your communications! But please 
>bear in mind in all things you do and say:
>If It's RIGHT,  
>It Can Stand The LIGHT!
>(That sounds like a Jessie Jackson quote!)
>Again, what we WANT is the LIGHT.  We want it to shine so brightly that
>there is no place for EVIL to hide.  The Conspirators are like the mythical
>vampires.  They have to do their work under cover of darkness.  The LIGHT
>destroys them!
>Look where God has led us so far!  I have been lead to push not for people
>to join together and sing patriotic songs, etc. or stock up on weapons,  
>but to write "IN YOUR FACE", BLUNT and TO THE POINT letters, etc. to
>Congress (We can't afford for them to miss the point!).  My last letter,
>etc. probably used the "T-Word" (Treason - did you get the "Committee To
>Impeach" E-Mail yesterday sent by one of our "correspondents"?  If not 
>I can forward it to you) dozens of times.  What happens?   After I send 
>the letter,  I get the "Committee To Impeach"  E-Mail and it says repeats
>the fact that  Bob Barr R-GA is preparing impeachment papers for Clinton 
>I don't think the Democrats have a monopoly on treason by a long shot!
>Imagine the members of Congress who are trying to get Barr to "cool his
>jets" getting hundreds or (I pray) thousands of E-Mails, faxes and letters
>from their constituents which say ".....Treason ..... Treason ..... Treason
> ..... Treason..... Treason .....Treason .....".  Would you be just a bit
>nervous if you had taken ANY PART IN THE CONSPIRACY and looking for a way 
>to save your assets?   (Do you see how important this "IN YOUR FACE"
>communication is?!!  You have sent your faxes, etc. haven't you?  If not,
>when do you plan to do it?   What about those of you who are getting 
>a copy of this response?)  
>We can send these "IN YOUR FACE" letters, etc. without any reservation
>because they contain IRREFUTABLE FACTS (If you read them carefully, the
>reader is never ACCUSED of anything.  They are just told the facts and 
>asked questions.  The only cold hard fact about TREASON is that 
>"SOMEBODY IS GUILTY" because TREASON has definitely occurred!)
>Thanks for letting me be of help.
>By the way, making the decision to take a stand is the really HARD part.
>Once you have said "With The Power And Guidance Of God, Give Me Liberty 
>Or Give Me Death", it's a GREAT RELIEF!  Then you know that as long as you
>do your best and do what you  prayerfully know is RIGHT, the rest is in
>God's hands.  You have to know that if this means that you are persecuted 
>in any way for any reason, you will be rewarded 1,000 fold at a time when
>That reminds me of  a quote by a famous artist.  I can't remember which one.
>In his later years, he had extremely painful arthritis.  Every brush stroke
>was agony.  But he continued to paint.  Asked why he would paint despite the
>pain, he said:
>"The pain is temporary.  
>The beauty lasts forever."
>I look forward to working with you and look forward to hearing from you 
>Your Brother In Christ,
>Terry W. Stough
>(770) 641-9042
>On the subject of "shouting from the highest building", God gave me a
>"Vampire Killer" of an idea during the sleep I got last night!  If you are
>from the South, do you remember the signs "See Rock City"?  The owners of
>Rock City built it "on a shoestring and had very little money or
>advertising.  What they did was to offer to paint the roofs of barns 
>for farmers for "FREE" if they would just let them put the words 
>"See Rock City" on the roof.  As a result, for a very small cost, 
>they got THOUSANDS of HUGE signs advertising their attraction.
>Could we not do the same?  If you have ANY artistic talent, why not 
>give it a try!  Here are some ideas:
>Stop All 
>Abuses NOW!
>Let My 
>People Go!
>Give Us Liberty -
>Give Back
>Resist The
>What Kind Of
>Country Are You
>Leaving To 
>Your  Children?
>The United Nations
>Wants Everything!
>Stop Them Now!
>Bill Of Rights?
>Where's The
>Whose Side
>Is Congress On?
>Do it!  Send Pictures!

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