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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: The Meaning of American Citizenship
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Write to the Immigration and Naturalization
service and tell them you want an application
for a Texas state Citizen passport.  If you have
any questions, call them and explain why
you are having difficulty filing out the form.
If you have no reason to object to their advice,
follow it, but be sure the form makes it clear
that you are NOT a "citizen of the United States"
or "U.S. citizen".  Sometimes, the latter is in
all CAPS, e.g. "U.S. CITIZEN";  that's the same
thing as a federal citizen.  Confer at "Federal
citizenship" in Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth
Edition.  The last time I looked, the state
Citizen passport was green and it said 
"United States of America" 
instead of 
"United States".

/s/ Paul Mitchell

p.s.  If they get sticky with you, submit
a Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA") request
for the forms you need.

At 07:46 AM 6/23/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I have an important question:
>Paul Andrew Mitchell wrote:
>> Read Ex Parte Knowles, 5 Cal. 300 (1855), and
>> consider naturalizing her into state Citizenship.
>> This case is the authority for doing same.  This
>> was a California Supreme Court case which adjudicated
>> the Immigration and Naturalization Clause in the
>> U.S. Constitution, briefly, Congress makes the rule,
>> the states of the Union implement rule.
>> /s/ Paul Mitchell
>> http://www.supremelaw.com
>Excellent.  We live in Texas.  She's lived here since 1975.
>I've already obtained a State-issued ID, and was planning
>on rescinding US citizenship in return for State of Texas
>citizenship anyway.
>But, back to her.  She cannot get a State ID yet b/c she
>has no birth certificate yet.  Of course, once naturalized
>into State Citizenship, she can get a State ID.  However, 
>here is my question... if she gets State Citizenship, how
>does that affect getting her a passport?  How does that
>Thanks in advance for clearing this up for me,

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