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You make a very good point here, Charles.
Using "Inclusio unius est exclusio alterius"
as the rule of construction, we can infer
that Congress left out deportation because
it intended to leave it out.  The ONLY two
penalties are loss of citizenship and
loss of eligibility for public office.

Deportation would have had to be mentioned,
alongside these two penalties, for courts
to impose such a penalty also.  So, I guess
we will have attorneys around for quite
some time, won't we, in one form or another? :)

What about the requirement that they get
green cards, however?

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>>>Forfeiture of citizenship does not equate to
>>>deportation.  A native American can NOT be
>>Authority please.
>Yahweh.  When we are brought into this world, we acquire,
>by virtue of the LAND where we are born, our Nationality.
>This is an UNALIENABLE right, that government cannot take
>from us.  Their only options for punishment are imprisonment,
>restitution, a combination of these two, or death.  That's it.
>If you want statutory authority, how about the Ninth and Tenth
>Articles in Amendment to the Constitution for the United States
>of America?
>In the pursuit of Liberty and Justice,
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