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Subject: SLS: comments on Social Security
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I didn't write the following paragraph,
but I can add my two cents.  Social Security
is anything but.  The funds are deposited into
the general fund, not a special fund, and then
spent by other federal government departments,
who leave IOU's in place of the funds.  Congress
has reserved the right to alter the terms of
the "agreement" at any time, so there is nothing
to prevent Congress from increasing the eligibility
age at any time.  The IRS raids the benefits with
impunity and, last and worst, the baby boom will
swamp the program when the leading edge retires,
at 62 or 65 or 68 or 70.  The leading edge may 
actually be led with a carrot dangling at the
end of a stick, just out of reach, as Congress
opts to increase the eligibility age in small
ratchets.  The baby boom is an extraordinarily
large age cohort which was born between 1946
and 1964.  It has been likened to a "pig in a 
python," resembling a python after it has 
swallowed a pig whole, and the pig slowly gets
digested as it moves through the pig's intestinal
tract.  1946 + 62 = 2008, the year you can
be sure that Social Security will belly up.
My advice:  get out of the system, and learn 
to depend on the Lord Most High.  His guarantees
are dependable, 100%.  He takes care of the
birds on wing, and He has already told us that
He cares for us much more than them.  So, you
will not starve if you switch your allegiance.
Social Security is a gigantic swindle, and 
it's time we faced up to the ugly, painful 
facts which our federal government has been
hiding from the entire nation.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 09:31 PM 6/23/97 -0700, you wrote:
>> >This clause explains a lot about why most people are treated
>> >as slaves: paupers HAVE NO RIGHTS. What do you become, in law,
>> >when you apply for public charity?  PAUPERS.  The possession
>> >and use of a SSN makes one a pauper, and totally regulateable
>> >at law.
>> I do agree with everything you have written here.
>If you spend most of your life paying into the SS Trust, how does this 
>make you a pauper?
>> /s/ Paul Mitchell
>> http://www.supremelaw.com
>[L.S.] ckerr -  Sui Juris, juris et de jure,
>Exclusively a Citizen of California Republic,
>With Explicit Reservation of All My Rights, Without Prejudice.

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