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Hi Judy,

I confirmed this text in the law library
of U.C. Berkeley.  You could also submit
a FOIA request to INS for a copy of the book.
They might have to photocopy it for you,
from their archives, but it is a terrific
inspiration.  The author must have infiltrated
the government, no?  :)

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>     We don't need to reach far back into another century to find
>proof that  the People are sovereign.  In a Department of Justice
>manual revised in the year 1990 (Document No. M-230), the meaning
>of American  Citizenship was  described with  these eloquent  and
>moving   words   by   the   Commissioner   of   Immigration   and
>Naturalization:  "You are no longer a subject of a government!"
>                  The Meaning of American Citizenship
>             Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization
>          Today you have become a citizen of the United States of
>     America.   You are  no longer an Englishman, a Frenchman, an
>     Italian, a Pole.  Neither are you a hyphenated-American -- a
>     Polish-American, an  Italian-American.   You are no longer a
>     subject of  a government.   Henceforth,  you are an integral
>     part of  this Government  -- a  free man -- a Citizen of the
>     United States of America.
>          This citizenship,  which has been solemnly conferred on
>     you, is a thing of the spirit -- not of the flesh.  When you
>     took the  oath of  allegiance to  the  Constitution  of  the
>     United  States,  you  claimed  for  yourself  the  God-given
>     unalienable rights  which that sacred document sets forth as
>     the natural right of all men.
>          You have  made sacrifices  to reach  this desired goal.
>     We, your  fellow citizens,  realize this,  and the warmth of
>     our welcome  to you  is increased proportionately.  However,
>     we would tincture it with friendly caution.
>          As you  have learned during these years of preparation,
>     this great  honor carries  with it  the duty to work for and
>     make  secure  this  longed-for  and  eagerly-sought  status.
>     Government under our Constitution makes American citizenship
>     the highest  privilege and  at the  same time  the  greatest
>     responsibility of any citizenship in the world.
>          The important  rights that are now yours and the duties
>     and  responsibilities   attendant  thereon   are  set  forth
>     elsewhere in  this manual.  It is hoped that they will serve
>     as a  constant reminder that only by continuing to study and
>     learn about  your new country, its ideals, achievements, and
>     goals, and  by everlastingly working at your citizenship can
>     you enjoy  its fruits  and  assure  their  preservation  for
>     generations to follow.
>          May you  find in  this Nation  the fulfillment  of your
>     dreams of  peace and  security, and  may America,  in  turn,
>     never find you wanting in your new and proud role of Citizen
>     of the United States.
>                  [Basic Guide to Naturalization and Citizenship]
>                         [Immigration and Naturalization Service]
>                                     [U.S. Department of Justice]
>                                       [page 265, emphasis added]
>[As quoted in "The Federal Zone:  Cracking the Code of Internal
> Revenue," electronic seventh edition, Chapter 11: Sovereignty]
>                             #  #  #

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