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To: Mark Greer <Mark_Greer_RFTI@compuserve.com>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: email/computer problems (fwd)

Hello Mark,

Are you using an Uninterruptible Power Supply ("UPS")?

We have such bad power in Tucson, Arizona, I ended
up buying two UPS units and connecting them in series:
a 450 VA unit powers a 420 VA unit, which in turn
powers two computers, two answering machines, and 
a thermal fax machine.  What a HUGE difference 
this made for all the equipment:  devices run all
day without a glitch.  You canNOT run a laser printer
from the same UPS, however, since it draws too much
power for the heating element.

Check into the American Power Conversion ("APC") units:
they are well worth the money.  These units put out
a perfect 60 Hz sine wave well within the most exacting
electrical tolerances for most internal power supplies.
They also have a great catalog full of clear technical 
information which most of us do not get in public schools.

Remember, we are orchestrating electrons here:
start your symphony at the SOURCE!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 09:41 AM 6/24/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Talkers 
>I have only just this minute recovered from a serious computer meltdown
>involving both MAP computers.
>I won't bore you with details but the bottom line is that about 200+ of my
>current email  messages are on my currently broken laptop and will be
>unaccessible for days. Please resend any urgent Email to me I will get to
>it as soon as possible. 
>To further complicate matters, I am leaving town on MAP business and will
>be gone until Saturday AM so I will be quite slow in responding until at
>least next week end. To bring it to the point of a nearly  unbelievable
>chain of events my laptop failure will mean that I will have no email
>access while on the road.
>This has been an nearly impossible chain of events but such things happen
>and we are moving to resolve them ASAP.
>I am going to try to get out a FOCUS Alert today on the Christopher Wren
>New York Times piece. If not please consider this an invitation to write
>the NY Times on this important article in which MAP was prominently
>In the interim most MAP related problems or questions can be directed to
>Tom Hawkins  our national coordinator at  thawkins@televar.com
>Sorry if this causes any problems. It will be rectified ASAP
>Mark Greer
>Media Awareness Project (MAP) Inc.

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