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>  Chairman Dan Burton, House of Representatives, June 20, 1997
>[The  House  last  week  granted  Chairman  Dan  Burton  expanded
>subpoena authority.  During the debate, Burton laid out the scope
>of his present investigation:]
>I would just like to say to my colleagues on the  other  side  of
>the aisle, we are not going to try to intimidate anybody. That is
>first; and second, we are going to be  working  with  the  Senate
>wherever possible. I am going to be meeting with Senator Thompson
>next week and his staff to coordinate our activities.
>Mr. Speaker, let me tell my colleagues a few of the things  about
>which this committee is going to be investigating and why.
>We are investigating a possible massive scheme, massive scheme of
>funneling  millions  of  dollars  in  foreign money into the U.S.
>electoral system.  We  are  investigating  allegations  that  the
>Chinese  Government  at  the highest levels decided to infiltrate
>our political system. We are investigating allegations  of  gross
>misuse  of our national security structure including the national
>security council and the CIA.  We  are  investigating  the  White
>House  that  became  a  frequent  stop, a frequent stop for major
>donors with foreign ties who have now fled the country  or  taken
>the fifth amendment.
>Here are some key facts to prove the critical importance of  this
>investigation, and I hope my colleagues will look at this chart.
>Charlie Trie, a  friend  of  the  President  for  20  years,  has
>reportedly  fled  the  country and is in the People's Republic of
>China, Communist China, to  avoid  being  questioned  about  wire
>transfers  of over $1 million from Asian banks to him at the same
>time that he was giving in excess of  $200,000  to  the  Democrat
>National  Committee  and  more  than  $600,000 to the President's
>legal defense fund.  All of that money  has  been  returned,  the
>John Huang, a friend of the President's who is pleading the fifth
>amendment  raised  between  $3  and  $4  million for the Democrat
>National Committee. The DNC is currently pledged to return almost
>half of that money.
>Roger Tamraz, who was recently  detained  by  the  Government  of
>Georgia because there was an international arrest warrant for him
>issued by Lebanon,  received  repeated  meetings  with  President
>Clinton  at  a  time when he was trying to get the administration
>support to build a pipeline in Asia  despite  objections  by  the
>National Security Council. A NSC staffer was recently reported as
>saying that she felt  pressured  to  cooperate  with  Mr.  Tamraz
>because of $200,000 in democrat contributions.
>Former  DNC  chairman,  the  chairman  of  the  DNC,  Don  Fowler
>reportedly  tried  to  manipulate  the  CIA  to provide favorable
>information about Roger Tamraz  so  that  the  National  Security
>Council would back off their objections to his going to the White
>House to meet with the President. The NSC lost that  battle,  and
>so did our national security because he did go to the White House
>and he did meet with the President.
>Another example of national security concerns being brushed aside
>in  favor  of  campaign cash is a case of Johnny Chung. He raised
>$366,000 in contributions returned by the  DNC.  He  visited  the
>White  House  49  times despite warnings by the National Security
>Council that he was a hustler and should not be there.
>Yogesh Gandhi was barred from giving money to  President  Clinton
>at  the  White  House because of his dubious background, but that
>did not stop the White House. Craig  Livingston  and  John  Huang
>arranged  a  meeting  two  blocks  away from the White House at a
>hotel where the President did meet  with  him  and  $325,000  was
>subsequently given to the DNC.
>Former third ranking Justice Department  official  and  convicted
>felon, Webster Hubbell, between June 21, l994, and June 25, 1994,
>there were 10 meetings at the White  House,  some  involving  the
>President  regarding whether or not what he was going to be doing
>between the time he left the Justice Department and was indicted,
>and  after  the  tenth  meeting, 2 days later the Lippo Group the
>Riadys gave him $100,000 in legal fees, and many people believed,
>myself  included,  that  that might have been hush money. In fact
>Abe Rosenthal, a supporter of the President, said in a  New  York
>Times column it would not take a particularly suspicious mind let
>alone a prosecutor's to see high paying jobs  as  hush  money  to
>keep a defendant silent.
>Pauline Kanchanalak, the mysterious  contributor  from  Thailand,
>was  one  of John Huang's associates. She visited the White House
>30 times, raised money for the DNC, and she fled the country.  We
>cannot get her even with a subpoena.
>Ted Sioeng, yet another dubious DNC contributor, is reportedly in
>Hong   Kong   now.   He  has  avoided  any  questions  about  his
>contributions totaling $355,000 to the DNC.
>He is under investigation right now, but we cannot get to him. He
>also  worked  with  the Chinese Government, we believe, trying to
>acquire influence for China.
>Let me just say in closing, there is substantial reasons why this
>investigation must go forward. We must depose these witnesses and
>we need the help of this body to get that job done.
>  Published in the Jun. 23, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly
>  Copyright 1997 The Washington Weekly (http://www.federal.com)
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