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Subject: SLS: Feudal Terms (fwd)

Ah, yes, lads.

Tis "The Feudal Zone"!

Harken to your Queen Lizzy and Lady Di!

As for me, I'll take Thomas Jefferson any day!!

"... alter OR abolish," remember that one, Lizzy.

No, Lizzy, that was an imperative, not an interrogatory.

Down with castles;  freedom rising.

Oh, Di, these are not YOUR roads,
no matter what you say.

We built them, and they belong to US!!!!

Your sweat would not fill a single bottle
of perfume, of which you have many.

Our Marines eat bullets, and live to talk about it.

You don't know who you are dealing with.

You never did, and you never will.

Your far east company is destined for the trash
heap of history, the sooner the better.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 05:15 PM 6/24/97 +0000, you wrote:
>*Jus Dare*
>Feudal Terms
>Thanks, Harold! These may come in very handy in the next couple of
>years as we vassals take up our proper roles.
>I, too, enjoyed going through them, with thoughts about my hide and
>heriot, and reflecting on the "ordeal" that awaits us at our various
>civil trials.  - Dave 
>From: Harold Thomas <harold@halcyon.com> 
>Subject: [Fwd: Feudal aspect of Covington, GA, home inspections]
>Great site to add to your Legal Tools List.  If anyone would have told
>me 10 years ago that I would one day learn to enjoy reading
>dictionaries, I would have laughed hysterically!  Thanks to Barbara to
>forwarding this site.  HT
>Definition of Feudal Terms
>EYRE: The right of the king (or justices acting in his name) to visit
>and inspect the holdings of any vassal. this is done periodically,
>usually at irregular intervals of a few years.
>Regards, Barbara
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