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It's military intelligence, all right.

That's what they call it, anyway ...

... military intelligence.

Just like shooting down a TWA commercial jet,
filled with innocent people.

That was military intelligence too.

If we had to do Iwo Jima all over again,
I would suspect the Japanese would own
the entire continent by now, after reeling in
Pearl Harbor with monofilament, a fly rod,
and a ball of cheese.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

p.s.  What century are we in, anyway?
I forgot how to do memory management, again.
I am a Bill Gates wannabe.  Hey, Bill, 
can I Charge some Gates on my next windows
buy?  Sorry your Tucson facility folded.
I told you so.

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>USAF Links 'Alien' Sightings to Test Dummies 
>"The life-size dummies were used in high-altitude parachute drops from 1954 
>to 1959 as part of Air Force projects code-named High Dive and Excelsior."
>(At least seven years AFTER the Roswell crash. Just who in the Air Force is 
>coming up with this stuff? Military intelligence...? --SW)
>WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Air Force today offered what it hopes is the final 
>word on claims by UFO buffs that alien bodies were recovered at a crash site 
>in New Mexico in 1947: The ``bodies'' were not aliens but dummies used in 
>parachute tests.
>The explanation -- on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the incident -- is
>offered in enormous detail in a 231-page report the Air Force released today.
>It is meant to close the book on longstanding rumors that the Air Force
>recovered a flying saucer and extraterrestrial bodies near Roswell, N.M., in
>July 1947, and then covered it up.
>The title of the report tells it all: ``The Roswell Report, Case Closed.''
>The Air Force in 1994 issued a report on the Roswell incident that said the
>``spacecraft'' that supposedly crashed in the New Mexico desert was an Air
>Force balloon used in a top-secret program, Project Mogul, intended to
>the atmosphere for evidence of Soviet nuclear tests.
>The Air Force called that report its final response to the Roswell rumors.
>later the Air Force came upon evidence it believed would explain the
>additional rumors that space aliens were recovered at the crash site and were
>covered up. So today's report was put together to provide what Air Force
>Secretary Sheila Widnall called a ``complete and open explanation.''
>The possibility of a government conspiracy to cover up an actual UFO sighting
>was ridiculed today by retired Air Force Col. Richard Weaver, who wrote the
>1994 report.
>``I don't think the government is capable of putting together a decent
>conspiracy,'' Weaver said on NBC's ``Today'' show. ``We have a hard time
>keeping a secret, let alone putting together a decent conspiracy.''
>Asked if he thought the new report will put the matter to rest, Weaver said,
>``No, I doubt it. This has become a religion to many people. It's almost a
>cult. Certainly, an unbelievable financial opportunity for many folks. So I
>think this is going to endure.''
>Although the Air Force's explanation of a mix-up of parachute dummies for
>space aliens seems reasonable, there is one aspect that troubles some UFO
>researchers: The tests with the dummies came a decade after the 1947 Roswell
>Did those who claimed to have seen the ``aliens'' mix up their dates that
>``I think this is a real stretch,'' said Karl Pflock, a UFO researcher in New
>Mexico who said he does not believe the Roswell incident involved alien
>The life-size dummies were used in high-altitude parachute drops from 1954 to
>1959 as part of Air Force projects code-named High Dive and Excelsior. The
>object was to devise a way to return a pilot or astronaut to earth by
>parachute if forced to escape at extremely high altitudes.
>The dummies were transported to altitudes up to 98,000 feet by balloons and
>then released. Balloons dropped 67 dummies throughout New Mexico in the
>1954-59 period. The majority of them landed outside the confines of military
>bases in eastern New Mexico, near Roswell, according to the Air Force report.
>The dummies had a skeleton of aluminum or steel, skin of latex or plastic, a
>cast aluminum skull, and an instrument cavity in the torso and head.
>The Air Force said the existence of such dummies was not widely known outside
>of scientific circles and ``easily could have been mistaken for something
>were not.'' Today such dummies are widely used in auto crash tests.
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