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Subject: SLS: CDC Refuses to Debate Vaccines Possibly implicated in
  AIDS (fwd)

>>ATTENTION: All Vaccine and Health Networks
>>Please pass this press release on to others throughout your networks.
>>Release: No. 97-EV/9
>>Date Mailed: June 18, 1997
>>For Immediate Release
>>Contact: Jackie Lindenbach-508/546-6586; 800/336-9266
>>Title: CDC Director Pulls Invitation to Discuss
>>       Controversial Book on AIDS-linked Vaccines
>>Rockport, MA - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director
>>David Satcher, challenged by scientists, black leaders, and citizen groups
>>concerned about vaccination risks, declined to discuss AIDS as a possible
>>outcome of contaminated vaccines with the author of a new and highly
>>controversial book that documents the CDC and Food and Drug Administration
>>(FDA) helped manufacture a vaccine that might have transmitted AIDS
>>worldwide. The exchange between the author of Emerging Viruses: AIDS and
>>Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional? (Tetrahedron Publishing Group,
>>1997), Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a Harvard graduate, independent investigator,
>>and internationally known public health authority, and Dr. Satcher,
>>followed a recommendation for a moratorium on vaccines by the Nation of
>>Islam's Health Minister, Dr. Alim Muhammad, and a special legislative
>>committee meeting of the National Medical Association, representing black
>>physicians of America, in which the book's main thesis, and supportive
>>documentation, was considered. All parties agreed that growing fears over
>>vaccine contaminations, and associated health risks, should be addressed at
>>another meeting proposed, then cancelled, by Dr. Satcher.
>>        Dr. Horowitz, supported by thousands of concerned citizens in a
>>rapidly growing grass roots coalition, accepted Dr. Satcher's invitation in
>>writing contingent upon an official investigation into the role the CDC
>>played in "developing the vaccine that most plausibly delivered AIDS to the
>>world."  In his book, two man-made theories of AIDS's origin are advanced
>>and bolstered by astonishing government documents including National Cancer
>>Institute reports showing how much U. S. taxpayers spent for contracts to
>>develop and test immune system destroying viruses on monkeys and humans.
>>According to Dr. Horowitz's theory, the CDC,
>>Tetrahedron Release No. 97-EV/9
>>June 1997: pg. 2 of 2
>>FDA, and Merck & Company, a leading vaccine manufacturer, developed 200,000
>>human doses of a potentially contaminated experimental hepatitis B vaccine
>>that was given to thousands of Central Africans, gay men in New York City,
>>and mentally retarded children on Staten Island, simultaneously in 1974-
>>perfect timing for the initial outbreak of AIDS cases in these areas by
>>         In an official letter to Dr. Horowitz in which he withdrew his
>>invitation to meet, Dr. Satcher stated the "CDC believes that scientific
>>evidence is the foundation for sound public health policies," and that Dr.
>>Horowitz's allegations "do not appear to be based on credible,
>>evidence-based information."
>>        In response, Dr. Horowitz reported to thousands of
>>internet-workers, and the press, that Dr. Satcher's comments were false and
>>misleading. "If the CDC truly demanded rigorous scientific proof to support
>>its public health policies," Dr. Horowitz said, then the CDC would also be
>>calling for a moratorium on virtually all vaccinations "which, to date,
>>lack definitive scientific analyses showing positive risk/benefit ratios."
>>In fact, Dr. Horowitz wrote Dr. Satcher, CDC and pharmaceutical company
>>experts "don't really know whether vaccines are harming or killing more
>>people than they are helping or saving."
>>        Likewise, Dr. Horowitz questioned how much scientific evidence the
>>CDC and FDA officials    demanded when their "mutual consent was given to
>>blood and pharmaceutical interests to sustain the use of HIV contaminated
>>clotting factor VIII and blood supplies to the public between 1983 and
>>1986," despite the fact that these officials predicted thousands would die
>>as a result. Furthermore, in 1984, when the hepatitis B vaccine link to the
>>AIDS epidemic was first advanced then investigated by CDC and Merck, Sharp
>>& Dohme collaborators, homosexual men in New York City were known to be the
>>primary and earliest test subjects for the suspected vaccine. Yet the CDC
>>omitted the New York City gay men from their investigation and focused only
>>on Denver and San Francisco populations that had not been immunized using
>>the earliest, most implicated, vaccine lots. "No wonder your 'expert' CDC
>>authors remained 'Anonymous' on this Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report,"
>>Dr. Horowitz chided. I too would feel ashamed to affix my name to such
>>bogus 'science.'"
>>        Regarding Dr. Satcher's inability to see any "credible
>>evidence-based information" in Dr. Horowitz's writings, the author replied,
>>"If he did, he would also see himself and his agency are now fully exposed.
>>And since rumor has it that President Clinton is considering Dr. Satcher
>>for the Surgeon General post, putting on the 'Emperors new clothes' suits
>>him fine-a black man who can watch his own people, and millions of others,
>>die without seeing anything."
>>                                                        -end -
>>NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: For a feature article on Dr. Horowitz's investigative
>>research, a list of internationally recognized experts who can verify Dr.
>>Horowitz's research, or for a review copy of his book, please call Jackie
>>Lindenbach at 508-546-6586.
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