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Subject: SLS: Money for WOD: what's the source?

If the Report of the Grace Commission is 
correct, the federal income tax revenues
are flowing into foreign banks, primarily.

A cop testified in a drug case I helped
defend last year, and he admitted leaving
his municipal jurisdiction on a regular
basis, to interdict MJ shipments at the
Mexican border.  This was a Tucson Police
Officer (but he could not remember the
Fifth Amendment).

Then he admitted 8 years of buying and 
selling illegal drugs.

There's your answer:  it is called the
Ironclad Law of Prohibition.  When government
prohibits commerce in any substance, the
price skyrockets, while the government assumes
monopoly control over same.

So, the money is coming from the very drugs
they are prohibiting.  The Prohibition is
economically based.  They wouldn't be doing
it otherwise.  Lots of drug dealers are really
undercover cops, searching for the most lucrative

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 12:04 PM 6/24/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Sorry Cliff.  On second thought, where is the money coming from to fund
>the drug war?  Is it coming from the State or the Federal Income Tax
>funds?  I just thought that we might be contributing indirectly by being
>forced to pay certain taxes that are directly undermining our efforts
>Any one care to comment?  This is DRC Talk, isn't it?

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