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Subject: SLS: New COSCO revelations (fwd)

>         Has Many Connections To Clinton Administration
>    In response to an inquiry from Chairman Gerald Solomon, R-NY,
>the  Clinton  administration  has  admitted  that the China Ocean
>Shipping Co., COSCO, was caught shipping 87 pounds of  heroin  in
>    The Clinton Administration says, however,  that  it  has  "no
>information  indicating  that Cosco officials were involved in or
>had knowledge of this heroin shipment."
>    They would be expected to say that. Cosco  turns  out  to  be
>very close to the Clinton administration.
>    Cosco's takeover of the Long  Beach  Naval  base  took  place
>after  personal  lobbying  on its behalf by Bill Clinton himself.
>And the Clinton  administration  prevented  U.S.  companies  from
>bidding on Long Beach.
>    What makes it so important for the People's Republic of China
>to  lease  the Long Beach Naval Station? U.S. counterintelligence
>officials have told the American Spectator that  Cosco  uses  its
>legitimate   shipping   business   activities   as  a  front  for
>intelligence  gathering.  "Cosco  operates  a  fleet   of   ELINT
>[electronic  intelligence]  trawlers  for the PRC government that
>can sit in Long Beach  harbor  and  eavesdrop  on  communications
>throughout the Los Angeles area," one U.S. official said.
>    It also turns out, as reported  in  the  American  Spectator,
>that  the  Arkansas  Teachers  Retirement  System  (ATRS)  has an
>investment in Cosco. ATRS is one of the pension funds  raided  by
>Bill  Clinton  when  he  was  governor.  Its  money  was used for
>political purposes by laundering it through another Bill  Clinton
>creation,  the  Arkansas  Development  Finance  Authority (ADFA).
>Besides investing in Cosco, the ATRS has  an  investment  in  one
>Jerry  Parks  that  it will not retrieve.  On ATRS's books is one
>mysterious loan of $47,959 to the  Clinton  security  contractor.
>Parks  was assassinated outside Little Rock in 1993. Parks worked
>closely with White House Deputy Counsel  Vince  Foster,  who  was
>found   dead   in   Fort   Marcy  Park  three  months  after  the
>assassination of Parks.
>  Published in the Jun. 23, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly
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