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Subject: SLS: How to Rig the Election in the Year 2000? (fwd)

In re: apportionment of congressional districts,
28 U.S.C. 2284 and 3-judge panels.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>Subject: Fwd: How to Rig the Election in the Year 2000?
>THE WASHINGTON TIMES . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5am -- June 20, 1997 
>Clinton pushes on with census plan
>By Donald Lambro
>The Clinton administration intends to proceed with its statistical sampling
>plan for the next census, despite strong GOP opposition in Congress and
>threatened lawsuits. 
>. . . . "Our plan for the census in 2000 is to include statistical sampling,"
>an administration official in the Commerce Department, which includes the
>U.S. Census Bureau, said Thursday.
>. . . . The administration's reaffirmation of its plan, on the heels of last
>week's fight over the issue between congressional Republicans and President
>Clinton, will prompt a renewed attempt by GOP leaders to block a development
>they fear will result in a major loss of House seats by their party.
>. . . . "It means that we in Congress are going to have to gird for battle
>again. We will have legislation to prohibit it, either as a stand-alone bill
>or attached to another piece of legislation," said Rep. Bob Barr, Georgia
>Republican and a member of the Government Reform and Oversight subcommittee
>that oversees the Census Bureau.
>. . . . "It should come as no surprise that the entrenched bureaucracy at the
>Census still plans to forge ahead with its risky scheme of statistical
>guessing, regardless of its inaccuracy," said Rep. Dennis Hastert, chairman
>of the panel.
>. . . . "The Congress must step in so that an accurate constitutional census
>is conducted in 2000," the Illinois Republican said.
>. . . . At the same time, the Southeastern Legal Foundation, an Atlanta-based
>public-interest law firm, announced at a Capitol Hill news conference that it
>intends to file suit in federal court to prevent the Census Bureau from using
>statistical sampling without the expressed approval of Congress.
>. . . . "This is unconstitutional. Only Congress has the authority over the
>census, and it has unambiguously expressed its disapproval of statistical
>sampling," said Matthew Glavin, the foundation's president.
>. . . . Last week GOP leaders added to the disaster-assistance bill a measure
>to block the sampling plan that would be used to count an estimated 10
>percent of the population. Mr. Clinton vetoed the legislation but later
>signed a bill without the rider sent to him by GOP leaders.
>. . . . The U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 2, states that an "actual
>enumeration," or head count, must be conducted every 10 years "in such a
>manner as they [members of Congress] shall by law direct."
>. . . . Mr. Glavin said Thursday that the language Congress included in the
>vetoed flood-relief bill was a clear expression of its opposition to the
>Census Bureau's proposed sampling methodology. "You can't get much clearer
>than that," he said.
>. . . . The Census Bureau and the administration maintain that the method
>would save money and help offset what they call an unavoidable undercount of
>Americans who do not respond to mailed or door-to-door census taking, many of
>whom live in the central cities, where there are large Democratic majorities.
>. . . . At his news conference on Thursday, Mr. Glavin ridiculed the method
>and said it is an invitation to "statistical error and political abuse."
>. . . . "Instead of actually counting people, the Census Bureau would make
>their best guess of where the count might be low, add a magical statistical
>percentage and then apply those percentages to similar areas across the
>nation," he said.
>. . . . Compromise language in the disaster-relief bill signed by the
>president said the administration would submit its census-taking plan in 30
>days to Congress.
>. . . . An administration official, who did not want to be named, said
>Thursday that the Census Bureau has been planning to use the sampling method
>for nearly two years and this intention was unaltered by last week's veto
>. . . . "We have always planned to move ahead with this plan," the official
>. . . . Mr. Glavin said Thursday that as soon as the administration sends its
>plan to Congress, "that will be the trigger, that's when we will take them to
>court to prevent it."
>. . . . GOP lawmakers and party officials fear that the administration will
>use the sampling plan to boost the population count in key states in an
>attempt to create new Democratic congressional districts in urban areas
>through the reapportionment process.
>. . . . "There's a history of political abuses by this administration, from
>the FBI files in the White House to their plan last year to register
>immigrants. This is an attempt to politicize the census and we're not going
>to let them get away with it," Mr. Glavin said.
>Related article......
>THE WASHINGTON TIMES. . . . . . . . . . . . . 5am -- June 20, 1997 
>INS deputy chief resigns; seen as 'sacrificial lamb'
>By Ruth Larson
>        The No. 2 official at the Immigration and Naturalization Service has
>announced her resignation in the wake of continuing management problems and
>charges that the agency's citizenship program was politicized by the White
>. . . . Deputy Commissioner Chris Sale informed Commissioner Doris Meissner
>of her decision late last month. "I believe the time has come for me to
>consider alternative career opportunities," she wrote.
>. . . . "It is time for a change, time for new opportunities for growth, and
>time to find a better balance between work and family," she wrote. Mrs. Sale
>is married and has two teen-age children.
>. . . . Mrs. Sale, a career civil servant, has been at the INS for nearly six
>years. She served as acting commissioner for the first 11 months in 1993, and
>has been deputy commissioner since December 1993.
>. . . . Mrs. Meissner said she accepted Mrs. Sale's decision to leave "with
>extreme regret." She praised her deputy for her oversight of the agency's
>day-to-day operations, as well as special initiatives such as the strategic
>plan "INS 2000."
>. . . . "The Service would not be where it is today without the skill and
>dedication Chris has brought to the critical challenges we have faced," she
>. . . . INS spokesman Greg Gagne said Mrs. Sale had not set a definite date
>for leaving. Nevertheless, the Justice Department will begin advertising the
>position vacancy on June 20. "This is not an easy job to fill," he said.
>. . . . "With the emphasis -- in a very public way -- on improving everything
>we do, it's enormously challenging," Mr. Gagne said.
>. . . . Her departure means that an unusually high number of top slots are
>vacant at the beleaguered agency, with several more senior district managers
>due to retire this summer.
>. . . . "It's purely a coincidence of timing," Mr. Gagne said. "It affords us
>the opportunity to look outside the agency for the best and the brightest in
>the law enforcement community."
>. . . . INS officials said Mrs. Sale had made the decision to leave on her
>own. Others on Capitol Hill, however, see her as the scapegoat for a series
>of flawed management decisions.
>. . . . Likewise, INS sources said Mrs. Sale was seen as "the designated
>sacrificial lamb" to atone for a number of policy blunders, especially the
>naturalization initiative known as "Citizenship USA."
>. . . . Mrs. Sale figured prominently in a number of internal White House
>memos released last year, as aides to Vice President Al Gore appeared to
>pressure the INS to accelerate the citizenship process.
>. . . . For example, in a March 1996 memo, Douglas Farbrother, a Gore aide,
>suggested: "Move Chris Sales [sic] into another job ... and make me the INS
>deputy commissioner. From there, I could do more, faster." The move was never
>. . . . INS officials have repeatedly denied Republican charges that
>Citizenship USA was an election-year ploy orchestrated by the White House,
>and that thousands of convicted felons were granted citizenship.
>. . . . But subsequent audits of the program have found that 180,000 aliens
>became citizens without undergoing complete criminal background checks, and
>at least 296 have been found to have been improperly granted citizenship.
>. . . . An audit also found that 16,400 of the new citizens had been arrested
>for at least one felony. The INS has said it intends to revoke the
>citizenship of 4,650 persons who lied about their arrest record on their
>. . . . Top INS officials insist that new safeguards have been put in place
>to correct problems in the citizenship program. However, a recent independent
>audit found that only one of the 23 INS field offices surveyed had fully
>implemented the new policies.

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