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>forwarded from Renee Jordan
> Reform Party
>June 23, 1997
>Attention! Report Critical of Government Research and Treatment 
>of Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses
>The long awaited Report to Congress from its General Accounting Office
>critically evaluating the Government's response to illnesses in our
>veterans of Operation Desert Storm is to be released TODAY, Monday,
>June 23, 1997.  Public hearings will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, in the 
>House Committee on Governmental Affairs and Oversight (The Honorable
>Christopher Shays, Chairman).
>The GAO report criticizes the DoD, VA and Presidential Advisory
>Committee for over emphasizing research into psychological stress 
>and under emphasizing research on the effects of chemical weapons 
>and other chemicals despite strong scientific evidence of its 
>plausibility.  The GAO had access to all government and private 
>sources including still classified information on U.S. bombing 
>of Iraqi chemical weapons stockpiles and possible fallout on 
>U.S. troop positions during the war.
>In 1994 Ross Perot personally commissioned two independeant medical
>studies of Gulf War Veterans.  These studies, published in the
>Journal of the American Medical Association on January 15, 1997 
>comprise a significant portion of the scientific evidence on which
>the GAO's report is based.  NEWS REPORTERS can be referred to Dr. 
>Robert Haley of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center 
>at 214/648-3110 for information on the study initiated and funded 
>by Ross Perot.
>You can access the report and the government's critical replies on 
>the Internet (see address below), or you may write the U.S. General
>Accounting Office, Special Studies and Evaluation Group, 441 G Streew
>NW, Washington, DC  20548 for a mailed copy.
>DoD, VA and White House staff have had private access to the GAO report 
>for several weeks and have appended strongly negative criticisms of 
>GAO conclusions on the end of the report.  The DoD has attempted to
>downplay the report in two press conferences of the past week, and 
>the White House reportedly held a similar press conference to counteract
>the report this afternoon.  C-SPAN is presently deciding whether to
>televise Tuesday's hearing live from the House of Representatives.
>If you want the story to be covered, you must quickly scan the report
>on the Internet, call your local TV and radio stations, and ask that
>they televise the GAO testimony in the House Committee hearing live 
>tomorrow in your area and cover it on local and national network news 
>programs and in the print media.  We should see what is in this report
>that the DoD, VA and White House are reacting so strongly to.  Also, 
>let your elected representatives in Congress know what you think of the 
>GAO report on the Internet:  http://www.gao.gov/new.items/newtitle.htm
>C-SPAN Television Network scheduling hotline:  202-628-2205
>For further information contact Russ Verney at 972/450-8800
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