Time:       Wed Jun 25 11:06:00 1997
Date:       Wed, 25 Jun 1997 11:00:45 -0700
To:         Common Right Group at San Diego county <sj346280@4dcomm.com>
From:       Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject:    SLS: IRC Liability Statutes, FOIA answer from IRS
References: <>

Hi Bill,

Always good to hear from you, once again!

I have a bunch more crucial FOIA requests,
which I will be happy to donate to the cause.

These go to credentials of all government
actors, regulations for specific criminal
statutes (e.g. 18 U.S.C. 3231), and lots
of other fun stuff (e.g. list of all actions
brought under color of Lloyd Bentsen's term
as Secretary of the Treasury).

The rub is 5 U.S.C. 552(a)(4)(B):
"district court of the United States"
"United States district court"

This distinction was upheld by a federal judge
in Arizona in the late spring of 1996 (in a 
grand jury case I was litigating).

See "Karma and the Federal Courts" in the
Supreme Law Library for details.  URL is:


Do you already have the Citizen's Guide to
the FOIA and Privacy Act?  This is essential
to anyone who is getting serious about FOIA.
Our version is an Exhibit in a Motion for
Clarification of the judge's ruling concerning
the proper forum for litigating FOIA requests.

I can attach it to an email message, if you need it.
Can you decode BinHex, MIME, or Uuencode?
Also, can you read original files written by
MS-WORD for DOS, Version 5.0B?  Lastly, can
you decompress files compressed by PKZIP?
I shoul do our standard file transfer test with
you:  takes only 2 minutes, and we learn a lot
about our respective systems.

rsvp asap

I am standing by.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 10:44 AM 6/25/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Paul Andrew Mitchell wrote:
>> [This text is formatted in Courier 11, non-proportional spacing.]
>>             Department of the Treasury
>>              Internal Revenue Service
>>               Washington, D.C. 20224
>> Mr. Paul Andrew Mitchell         Person to Contact:
>> 2509 N. Campbell, #1776          Barry Windheim
>> Tucson, AZ 85719 [sic]           Telephone Number:
>>                                  (202) 622-6250
>>                                  Refer Reply to:
>>                                  96-2349
>>                                  Date: OCT 30 1996
>> Dear Mr. Mitchell:
>>    This is in response to your Freedom of Information
>> request dated August 31, 1996, requesting certified copies
>> of all liability statutes presently enacted in the Internal
>> Revenue Code.
>>    One of the FOIA's requirements is that requesters
>> sufficiently identify the records solicited in order to
>> locate them.  To the extent you are seeking records which
>> establish the authority of the Internal Revenue Service to
>> assess, enforce and collect taxes, please be advised of the
>> following.  The Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution
>> authorized Congress to impose an income tax.  Congress did
>> so in the Internal Revenue Code, which may be found in Title
>> 26 of the United States Code.  The Internal Revenue Code is
>> administered by the Internal Revenue Service and may be
>> responsive to portions of your request.  The Code is
>> available at many bookstores and public libraries throughout
>> the country.
>>    In addition, copies of the Federal Register which
>> contain Federal regulations, and copies of the Congressional
>> Record which contain Federal laws may be obtained from the
>> Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing
>> Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.
>>    Though the Freedom of Information Act is designed to
>> give the public the greatest possible access to existing
>> government records, it does not require us to do research or
>> answer questions in response to a request.  It is suggested
>> that you perform the legal research needed to reasonably
>> identify the documents you need to address your concerns.
>> Once you have made your determinations, we will be happy to
>> search our files to locate these documents, if they exist,
>> and respond accordingly.
>>                                  Sincerely,
>>                                  /s/ Carroll Field for
>>                                  Mark L. Zolton
>>                                  Tax Law Specialist
>>                                  Freedom of Information
>>                        #  #  #
>> Paul Mitchell comments:
>> I didn't find any mention of a single liability
>> statute in the above, after reading it three times.
>> Enough is enough!
>> /s/ Paul Mitchell
>> http://www.supremelaw.org
>> Gee Paul, someone should tell this bozo (Sorry, Mr. Bozo) that the 16th 
>Amendment adressed only the issue of apportionment and imposed NO NEW 
>TAXES, but only prevented taxes on "income" from being taken  out of the 
>area of Indirect Taxes, thus, we're talking about a tax on activities, not 
>on INCOME per se. We sure hope you're not planning to let that hairball 
>get away with this little verbiose sleight of hand.
>  We're working on a serires of FOIA and P/A requests to provide for 
>folks to use to set up their case on a preemptory level, so if the IRS 
>comes at them, they'll already have a big file of attempts to get 
>straight answers. We're using a combination of Otto Skinner's premise and 
>Greg Galaski's work from his (expensive) book titled "BOSTON TEA PARTY." 
>Will try to post these pieces to 'Forum' when set.
>  Bill

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