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Subject: SLS: being a witness against yourself

Objection.  Your invocation of the
Fifth Amendment cannot be used against
you, under judicial rules of procedure.
Thus, no one can infer guilt from 
a Fifth Amendment defense, not the judge,
and not the jury.  Now, I know you WANT
to infer guilt, as a private non-party, and
you are free to do so, but don't bring
that inference into a court of law,
because it violates a fundamental Right.
Deprivations of fundamental Rights are 
felony violations of 18 U.S.C. 242.
Check it out!  So, we can all laugh about
Mark Fuhrman, but we cannot use the state
to punish him if and when he chooses to
take the Fifth.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>You should know there is nothing in the Constitution
>about sefl incrimination.   Any person who says his
>answer to a question might tend to incriminte him is
>incriminating himself with those words.
>Who wants to argue?
>How long could the New World Odor last if all Libertarians, all Birchers
>all members of the NRA could show why the New World Odor needs babies
>and retirees dead?  Their spokesman, Robert McNamara said: "There are
>many ways to make the death rate increase"   Americans must be disarmed
>before too many learn why any sure cure for cancer must be suppressed.
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