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Subject: SLS: Ray Looker and Pastor Butch Paugh

I strongly object to this personal barb here.

Looker requested the development and filing
of dozens of important briefs, and then he
decided to strike every last one of them.

Now, whose ego are you talking about, anyway?

Looker screamed at me that I did not have the "balls"
to subpoena the President, when I had established
all the necessary foundation to do just that, 
including a Notice of Intent which Looker signed
and filed.  It was my idea, and I was ready to
proceed, and still am.  Looker decided to drink
yellow paint instead.

The writer here needs to learn that ad hominems 
are not persuasive debating technique.  In fact, 
they usually get overruled.

The American Indians had a great saying:

"Don't criticize a man until you have
 walked a mile in his moccasins."

Pretty good advice, imho.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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><< In re: U.S.A. v. Looker, USDC, Wheeling, West Virginia state
> >I am not sure if I understand this, if he sold blue prints why was he not
> >arrested? 
> He was arrested, the moment he accepted the cash.
> The handcuffs came out right after he put the 
> money into his pockets. He is now being prosecuted
> in federal court in West Virginia state.  But, 
> it looks like a "sting," to defame the Militias
> in America.  I now doubt very seriously if he was
> ever a bona fide Militia officer.  
> Too dumb!
> Of course, they did succeed in wasting $7,000 of
> my time (at $75 per hour, do the arithmetic!)
> He also called me collect from his prison cell
> every day, at AT&T's highest long-distance rates.
> Guess who got to pay for all of those LD calls?
> Moi!!
> And all the paper and toner and stationery to
> print and mail all of his numerous documents?
> Moi!!
> And all the postage to file and serve numerous
> documents, for four (4) different docket numbers?
> Moi!!
> Other prisoner clients of mine get prepaid phone
> cards at the prison Post Exchange ("PX").
> Wanna explain the difference?  Here's the answer:
> bleed Paul Mitchell, because his knowledge of 
> American Law is just too powerful for the U.S.
> Department of Justice to counter, with anything,
> even with their best!!
> That's my hypothesis, now, after seeing so many
> of my cases viciously scuttled, with the help
> of my clients, no less!!  ;(  Moreover, I am 
> onto the secret DOJ task force to discredit
> the Militias in America.
> I hereby charge Ray Looker and Pastor Butch Paugh
> with obstruction of justice, deprivation of My
> fundamental Rights, wire fraud, jury tampering,
> theft of professional services, and conspiracy
> to deprive fundamental Rights.  These are all
> felonies.
> So be it.
> /s/ Paul Mitchell
> http://www.supremelaw.com
>  >>
>It's a good thing no one ever dies from an overdose of egotism.
>For freedom,
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