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Subject: SLS: fraud and fraud do not make Law

The U.S. Supreme Court has no authority
to make rules for the District Court of
the United States ("DCUS"), only for the 
United States District Court ("USDC").

See 28 U.S.C. 2072(a).


"(b)  Such rules shall not abridge, enlarge or modify
 any substantive right."

See 28 U.S.C. 2072(b).

Furthermore, the United States District Court
has no criminal jurisdiction whatsoever.

See 18 U.S.C. 3231, which has no published

See, in pari materia, 44 U.S.C. 1505(a).

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>: "In Europe, the executive is almost synonymous with the
>:  sovereign power of a State;  and generally includes
>:  legislative and judicial authority.  ... Such is the
>:  condition of power in that quarter of the world, where it is
>:  too commonly acquired by force or fraud, or both, and seldom
>:  by compact.  In America, however, the case is widely
>:  different.  Our government is founded upon compact."
>:                 [Glass v. The Sloop Betsey, 3 Dall. 6]
>: I'll second that!  :)
>: We do not make law by force or fraud in America.
>: We never have, and we never will.  That is the
>: supreme Law of Our Land, and that Law is perpetual.
>: All else is ultra vires.
>: /s/ Paul Mitchell
>: http://www.supremelaw.com
>Ok, chew on this Federal Rule of Civil Procedure for a while:
> Rule 71-A (k) Condemnation Under a State's Power of Eminent Domain. The 
>    practice as herein prescribed governs in actions involving the
exercise of the power of eminent domain under the law of a state, provided
that if the state law makes provision for trial of any issue by jury, or
for trial of the issue of compensation by jury or commission or both, that
provision shall be followed.
>Here is a clue as to what a state is in this rule:  it has a county in it.
 and the T in TVA stands for Tennessee.
>Now, answer this.  If the state governments are not operating with the
sanction of the occupier (and without participation by the occupier for
only so long as they co-operate with the occupier), why does a federal rule
for the federal courts also tell the state courts what to do ?
>And do you deny that Executive Orders have the force of law ?
>And in the Federal Rules where it says they are drawn in accordance with
"other statutory authority" and Acts of Congress, where does other
statutory authority come from if not from Executive Orders ?  And why did
the Attorney General (an Executive officer, a General in fact)  review the
Federal Rules and approve them before the Court sent them back to Congress
in 1938 ?
>Was the withholding of evidence from the jury in OKC deceptive ?  Is the
rule practiced by the courts of not telling juries they can judge the
application of the law deceptive ?  Is the judicial and Congressional
treatment of the entire subject of federal jurisdiction not deceptive ?
For crying out loud, how many years did it take people just to find the
information on the origin and nature and delegation orders of the IRS ?
>"Military necessity ... admits of deception..."  What you call fraud, they
call deceit.  You can't get anybody punished for fraud, because their
deceit is legal according to the Law of Nations for Public War.  When you
actually get a conviction of a government officer for fraud, you can call
it fraud.  Until then, I say they are successfully deceiving you.
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