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Subject: SLS: Committee to Restore the Constitution (fwd)

Dear Archibald,

Please help yourself to all the documents
in the Supreme Law Library at URL:


particularly "Juries in Check around the
Nation" and "The Kick-Back Racket."

Be well!  Keep up the good work!!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>THE PEOPLE, source  of all political power, responsible for instructing
>State elected officials to direct their Agents in the Federal Government
>to confine functions of government to limitations defined in the
>THE STATES, having created the Federal Government by the first three
>articles of the United States Constitution, are Principals under this
>contract and have the authority to correct violations of the Constitution
>by their agents in Washington.
>Expose and neutralize the people and the system  engaged in a conspiracy
>to overthrow the Constitution and erect a United nations "new world order"
>on the ruins of the Republic.
>Citizen-initiated action to terminate United Nations Operations in America
>and recover billions of tax-dollars illegally paid to the United Nations
>by Congress.
>Committee to Restore the Constitution will provide you with operational
>details to accomplish your mission:
>A. How  to instruct State Lawmakers to introduce "A Resolution relating to
>United States Military forces and the United Nations; memorialzing
>Congress to cease certain activities concerning the United
>Nations"(Oaklahoma resolution #1047).
>B. How to instruct State lawmakers to direct the State Attorney General to
>file in the Supreme Court of the United States,"A complaint for
>Declaratory judgement, Injunctive and Other equitable relief", against the
>Secretary General, United Nations Organization, under provisions of,
>"Original Jurisdiction", Article III, section 2, Constitution of the
>United States. Brief prepared by Judge J.J. Boesel,ret.
>Transform "spectortorship" to "participation" in the patriotic campaign to
>restore the Constitution as, ""The Law of the Land".
>Archibald E. Roberts, LtCol AUS, ret, Director 
>Committee to Restore the Constitution Inc,
>Po Box 986,
>Ft. Collins, CO 80522
>970-484-2575 e-mail:comminc@webaccess.net
>Founded in 1965, the Committee encourges citizens to apply their political
>power to restore the Constitution as, "The Supreme Law of the Land".
>Accompanying advertisement,,"Your Action is Needed to Enforce Principles
>of the Constitution", published in the Washington Times, Washington, DC
>June 1, 1997, deserves placement in your newspaper.
>"Don't stand idle as internationalists dismantle  the Constitution and
>erect a United Nations 'new world order' on the ruins of our Republic.
>Protest alone will not defend your family against a predatory world
>government or 
>restore freedoms of person and property guaranteed to you by the
>Needed is a battle plan to halt and reverse the mindless march toward an
>Orwellian twilight zone.
>Alert others in your community to citizen-initiated operations which can
>terminate subversion of the American civilization and recover billions of
>tax dollars illegally granted the United Nations By Congress
>Stop exploitation of American Military forces under United Nations  policy
>of 'perpetual war for perpetual peace'".
>Finance publication of, "Your action is needed to Enforce Principles of
>the United States Constitution", in a newspaper of your choice.You may
>insert above the Ad "Sponsored by (your name and address).
>Committee to Restore the Constitution will send to your newspaper a camera
>ready PMT when requested.
>recruit others to your banner to defeat perpetrators of world  government.
>Make a place for yourself and your descendants in tomorrow's America
>When published, please send tearsheet of the ad to:
>Archibald E. Roberts, LtCol , AUS, ret Director
>Committee to restore the Constitution
>A Colorado Non-Profit Corporation
>PO Box 986,Fort Collins, CO 80522
>(ask for Col Roberts)

Paul Andrew Mitchell                 : Counselor at Law, federal witness
B.A., Political Science, UCLA;  M.S., Public Administration, U.C. Irvine

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As agents of the Most High, we came here to establish justice.  We shall
not leave, until our mission is accomplished and justice reigns eternal.
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