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Subject: SLS: Evans v. Gore mentioned in some posts (fwd)

>JUDGES, salaries of, not taxable as income.
>Evans v. Gore (1920), 253 U. S. 245, ref Amend,Art.16,Cl.2

Salaries of judges are not taxable NOTWITHSTANDING 
(despite) the so-called 16th amendment.

>Foregoing case overruled.
>O'Malley v. Woodrough (1939), 307 U.S. 277, ref Art.3,Sect.1,Cl.2, ref 

Objection:  the Sixteenth Amendment
was proven to be a fraud in 
People v. Boxer, California Supreme
Court, case number S-030016, Dec. 1992.
Therefore, it is not an Amendment.

O'Malley v. Woodrough was based on two false and
rebuttable presumptions:

1.  That there is only one class of citizenship
    in America (there are two);

2.  That judges are citizens
    (no law requires judges to be citizens
     of either class).

Lord v. Kelley admitted openly that federal judges
are subject to the undue influence of the IRS,
if they are taxpayers.

For more details, read "The Lawless Rehnquist" 
in the Supreme Law Library at URL:


For these reasons, O'Malley has been challenged
formally before the 8th Circuit as we speak,
for violating Article III, Section 1 -- the
Supreme Law of the Land, pursuant to the 
Supremacy Clause.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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