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Congress defined it quite well at
18 U.S.C. 241.  You used a lower-case "c",
and so did Congress, so I presume you
are talking about the same crime.

There is another variant, with an
upper-case "C", but around here we
refer to that variant as the "C-word".

We do so much want to be politically
incorrect here on the Internet.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>: I believe this whole system has slunk to an all time low.
>What, pray tell, exactly constitutes a "conspiracy"?
>I think it was Oliver W. Holmes who said Conspiracy is the darling in the
prosecutor's nursery. Nancy Lord sent a warning piece out about it after
the Ga Militia prosecutions.
>You might also want to get a copy of the Arizona Viper trial transcript.
But the short answer is
>Conspiracy is a crime of talking which is very easy for the government to
prove with an informant on the witness stand.
>But, hey, what are you anyway, one of those "conspiracy nuts" ?
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