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Moreover, states like West Virginia
have constitutions which expressly 
prohibit pleas to "necessity."

So, this message, insofar as it justifies
"deception by necessity" or "fraud by
necessity", is totally and completely
out of order (treasous too).

Film at 11.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>For the record, I am not defending or espousing the way things are.
>The fact is I think the deception of Lincoln was evil genius.  Americans
just cannot conceive that this government would not announce martial law if
it were in effect. But the Lieber Code says in Article 1 that it need not
be announced to take effect. And that "Military necessity admits of
deception."  And the biggest deception of all is to leave the courts open
so they appear to be operating under the Constitution.
>Every President and Congress since 1861 has participated in this deception.
>: In response to your question concerning the "behavior of the government", I
>: will say this: I don't think it matters one damn bit what code or principle
>: that they supposedly adhere to. Since we have in this country no separation
>: of powers, perhaps or perhaps not due to the "Martial Law", EO, etcetera,
>: system; no accountability, in law or otherwise in this system; and the fact
>: that the masses are so constitutionally ignorant, and I would assert that
>: this ignorance, perhaps willful, pervades the legislature and judiciary as
>: well, then what we have is plain tyranny. Period.
>: We as a nation have not paid the price of liberty -- eternal vigilance. And
>: until we do, then nothing will ever change. Now matter what convoluted 
>: principle of law you/we subscribe to, that gives "justification" to this
>: tyranny; it is in violation of the spirit and intent of the constitution.
>: And as such is fraudulent, if not void altogether.
>: Bill Watts
>: http://www.nothinbut.net/~wwatts
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