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Einstein was into destruction:

E = M x C x C

The Most High is into creation:

M = E / (C x C)  (divide both sides by the quantity (C x C))

This is a formulaic metaphor for
the Acts of the Most High.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 10:39 AM 6/29/97 -0600, you wrote:
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>Ray Earnest wrote:
>I have to agree. Here's a part of an essay I wrote a few years ago on
>the subject of Creationism:
>	I remain perplexed that so many of my colleagues at the university
>level are so reluctant to subscribe to any sort of religious explanation
>of the development of life. Rather, they  blandly assume that life began
>through a random series of coincidences. The contemplation of the
>unfathomable and abstruse complexities of the human organism lends
>itself poorly to the theory that, at a primordial instant in time, a
>congenial cluster of amino acids and other organic chemicals
>concatenated to a living, self-replicating creature, which eventuated,
>just by chance, into a complex and intelligent life form. I marvel at
>such faith! 
>	The Anthropic Principle, as set forth by Brandon Carter, points out
>that without a large number of astonishing coincidences, such as the
>remarkable exactitude among the universal constants-values such as
>Planck's (h), or the gravitational constant, G, a universe that was
>hospitable to the development of life would have been impossible!
>Surely, as an unbiased observer, a scientist may begin to suspect the
>presence of a supreme and existential INTELLIGENCE behind it all,
>especially after attempting to unravel the labyrinthine interstices of
>the human genome! In point of fact, there are literally thousands of
>preexistent preconditions in the universe, without which life of any
>complexity would be impossible.
> 	On the other hand, while it does seem absurd to imagine that a god
>created the earth in seven days, could it not have been a Master
>Designer, a Celestial Biologist--Geophysicist who did the job over
>billions of years, or perhaps seven periods of God-time, through the
>calculated overcontrol of evolution? Science may, one day, assemble all
>of the chemical ingredients of protoplasm, but they shall never find a
>way to breath the spark of life into  dead organic matter. For that, my
>friends, is the domain of the Gods.		
>Byron T. Weeks, MD
>Big Snip)
>> Having studied the Bible for twenty years or more, I can find nothing
>>      therein which detracts from either the evolutionary or the crea-
>>      tionism arguments.  What I find is that both sides of the argument
>>      fail to establish exactly what the time frames are as mentioned
>>      in the bible, i.e., a day three or four billion years ago may just
>>      be millions of our current twenty-four hour 'days,' which would
>>      make both sides of the argument correct, overall.
>> The translation of the original manuscripts which created the bible is
>>      the choosing of the translator.  Day, in Hebrew-Chaldee language,
>>      can mean from sunrise to sunset, or from one sunset to the next.
>>      Or (and this is the key) it can mean 'a space of time defined by
>>      an associated term.'  Creationists want all terms to be 24 hour
>>      days, which defies science and logic, and evolutionists add fuel to
>>      the heat of argument by failing to understand that 'day' has dif-
>>      ferent meanings for different situations and connect these mean-
>>      ings to God's idea of creation.
>> >From Genesis we read 'In the beginning God created the heaven and the
>>      earth.'  If there were no earth before this creation then we most
>>      certainly had no twenty-four hour sunset to sunset days, and the
>>      argument that ALL days are such is absurd.  On the otherhand,
>>      scientific belief that all of the wonderful things we see and en-
>>      joy on this earth 'just happened' is also absurd.  Time, to God, is
>>      nonexistent, or unimportant.  Before the beginning He had in mind
>>      what he wanted to happen, and he ordained that it happen.  It
>>      started happening at that instant and will continue to happen until
>>      His intent is fulfilled.  We are in constant evolution, and this
>>      cannot be denied.  We are a part of God's creation, and this nei-
>>      ther can be denied.  The acceptance of these correlations by both
>>      sides would end the discussion; however, God foresaw the humdrum
>>      life His human creation would lead and left a few things unsaid,
>>      thereby giving us something for which to while away our 'time'
>>      known now as argument, and this is where we stand today, and will
>>      always be until we reach the end of our evolution, whatever and
>>      whenever that may be.
>>                                         Ray Earnest
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