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Subject: SLS: Apologists for Treason

And, of course, the Congress which 
created these "authorities" [sic]
consisted of members a majority of
whom accepted, at one time in their
careers, Titles of Nobility, thus
forfeiting forever their eligibility 
for the very offices they claim to hold.

And the Justices who issued these
decisions also suffer from the same
sorry legal fate.

Put simply:

Those who would create still more
fiction, in the name of some lawless
law of nations, are nothing if they
are not, first, apologists for treason.

Their punishment is plainly delineated.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

p.s.  executive order consecutive order ad nauseam

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>Here are two more Supreme Court cases on the extent of Executive Order power.
>Isbrandtsen-Moller Co., Inc. v. United States Et Al      No. 307
>300 U.S. 139; 57 S. Ct. 407; 1937 US LEXIS 1136; 81 L. Ed. 562
>Fleming, Temporary Controls Administrator, v. Mohawk Wrecking & Lumber
>Co. Et Al     No 583
>331 U.S. 111; 67 S. Ct. 1129; 1947 US LEXIS 2851; 91 L. Ed/ 1375
>If, having been informed of a legal deception being maintained over
decades for the purpose of keeping the people ignorant of their true
condition, a person so informed persists in denying the existence of the
deception, does not that person become, like a lawyer, a party  to the
deception ?
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