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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: We Call It Treason

On the contrary, I am not ignoring your postings.
I am paying very close attention to your apologies
for treason.  And I am putting them away in a 
safe place, for future reference.

You have a remarkable penchant for regurgitating
an almost inexhaustible supply of federal propaganda.

Which reminds me ...

When you can print money into existence, that supply
is truly inexhaustible, because the federal appetite
for dictating control is infinite.  When banks can
create accounts out of thin air, to fund their own
selfish political ends, it is just as easy for them
to write off successful, and unsuccessful, political
campaigns, as the cost of doing business.  For proof,
see "Return to Constitutional Money" in the Supreme
Law Library at URL:

Any criminal case that was brought before the USDC is
worthless, because that court was proceeding ultra vires.
See 18 U.S.C. 3231 for proof (no regs, no authority for
the USDC).  Sorry, but it takes an Act of Congress to
prosecute a Citizen, and the USDC suffers from a distinct
lack of authority in that major regard.

Read the cases!  Then, read the cases again!!

If the Plaintiffs were "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" [sic],
the courts had no subject matter jurisdiction, because
these parties were never granted authority to sue
as Plaintiffs in the first instance.  This has now
been proven by the federal silence in the face of a
proper and timely FOIA request for the specific Acts
of Congress granting standing to the UNITED STATES OF
AMERICA [sic] to bring a criminal action before the
United States District Court. 

There is none!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>I'm afraid you ignore the clear and present danger posed by Missouri v
Holland which elevated Treaty Law.
>I'm afraid you ignore the deception by syntax that already has begun in
this direction wherein conquered territory islands like Guam are referred
to as freely associated compact states in USC 28.
>I'm afraid you ignore the evidence that the states are already occupied
>I hope the district courts of the United States are still open.  But, it
seems apparent to me somebody has been working constantly to close them.
>: I'm afraid you're talking to yourself,  in oxymorons.
>: /s/ Paul Mitchell
>: >Is it possible deceptive syntax which made the Constitution practically
>: inaccessible to the people in law is the brainchild of clever lawyers in
>: the know about the true state of affairs since Lincoln promulgated
>: Executive Order 100 and established martial law rule unannounced ?
>: >
>: >Is it possible that when enough legal authority has been secured in
>: International Law for the Martial Law Constitution to be unassailable in
>: law that the occupied, once freely associated compact states will simply be
>: proclaimed federal states of the same name, geographical extent, and
>: governmental form as the free states they replace ?
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