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Subject: SLF: OKC Political Action Proposal

Right!  The overpressure from several pressure-detonated
charges, all going off within the same millisecond window,
would create a shock wave which would travel downwards
and bounce off the solid ground, to reinforce the blast
wave moving straight up from those charges, to blow the
roof right into the sky.  Then, the newly freed debris
would accelerate to the ground, at 32 feet per second 
squared, crushing all living things whose fate it was
to be entrained in that mass of steel, glass, and
concrete.  That is EXACTLY what I saw during my "dream".
It was a nightmare, for sure, for me, for the nation,
and, in horror, for the children whose arms and legs 
we were handed in bloody baskets, piecewise.  I think 
it is time to arrest Janet Reno for murder one, if not
for the Murrah Building, then for Waco, for sure.

That's what I think.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 03:20 PM 6/29/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Your "dream" is correct. Pat Shannan has interviewed many eyewitnesses who
>say the top of the bldg "went up like a rocket". This would happen in an
>"implosion". I have a lot of the info.

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