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Subject: SLS: We Call It Treason

Yes, and we have the fundamental Right to
defend ourselves by whatever force is necessary
to restore domestic Tranquility.  This Right has been
sanctified in the Declaration of Independence,
which remains the organic Law of this Nation,
as embodied in the Tenth Amendment.  Those who would
resort to force or fraud to make Law are traitors to the 
very principles established in Our founding documents.
They are warring against the several states, and
we will know them by their works;  they are called
treason.  And we, the Posterity for whom those
great documents were intended, can be counted upon
to guarantee due process of law to each and every
single traitor, now, and into the indefinite future,
because we cannot perfect their punishment without
exercising that guarantee.  You can be sure, therefore,
that we will do extraordinary diligence to extend
that guarantee, as well, to those who spit upon it,
in the name of some false idol of international 
crime.  A practice condemned by the Constitution
cannot be saved by historical acceptance and 
present convenience.  U.S. v. Woodley.  NO ONE
acquires a vested or protected right in violation 
of the Constitution by long use, even when that span
of time covers our entire national existence, and
indeed predates it.  Waltz v. Tax Commission.

No one!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>Is it not obvious that Kings rule by Force ?  Is it not obvious that
Presidential Martial Law Rule and Kingly Rule by Force are one and the same
thing ?  Is it not obvious that the King's feudal courts are United States
District Courts ?  And the Code and Bar Association Attorneys and deceptive
Legal Language of citizenship and all the rest of it were put there to
implement the martial law.
>The whole purpose of the deception is to prevent the people from
understanding that the King is back.
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As agents of the Most High, we came here to establish justice.  We shall
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