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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Planet-wide APB: Norman L. Vroman is missing!
References: <>

Dear Scott,

Excellent lead!  There is a very good
chance this is Norman L. Vroman, because
he was once an excellent prosecutor, 
on top of numerous other public service

Thank you so very VERY much, Scott!!

You are very gracious to respond to 
quickly with such a great lead.

Thanks again.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 08:26 AM 7/1/97 -0600, you wrote:
>On Mon, 30 Jun 1997, Paul Andrew Mitchell wrote:
>> BTW, does anybody know how I can get in touch with
>> Norman Leon Vroman, or his lovely wife, Raleigh?
>> He has disappeared.  He was last seen at 
>> White Water Ranch, HC 83, Cascade, Idaho state,
>> Postal Zone 83611/tdc.
>> Any help would be most appreciated.  I think it
>> is time to issue an All Points Bulletin ("APB") 
>> and to report him as a missing Person.
>Would the below-referenced Norman Vroman be your man?
>>From http://www.pressdemo.com/news/06-18/st004.html
>Press Democrat Online
>June 18, 1997
>Ft. Bragg slayings going to new jury
>Press Democrat staff writer
>Press Democrat Bureau
>UKIAH -- A Mendocino County jury today is expected
>to begin deliberating the fate of a former Vallejo
>chapter president of the Hells Angels who is accused
>in the brutal 1986 slayings of four members of a
>Fort Bragg family.
>Gerald "Butch" Lester's first trial in the deaths
>of former chapter member Billy Grondalski and his
>family ended in March with a hung jury. Jurors then
>said they were hopelessly deadlocked 8-4 in favor
>of acquittal.
>Final arguments in Lester's second trial began
>Tuesday afternoon. Defense attorney Tom Mason will
>wrap up his final plea to the jury on Lester's behalf
>this morning, and District Attorney Susan Massini is
>to follow with her rebuttal. The jury soon after is
>expected to begin its deliberations.
>After relying on an outside prosecutor to handle
>Lester's first trial, Massini decided to retry the
>case herself. The outcome might impact whether the
>veteran prosecutor will seek a fourth term next year.
>An announced challenger, attorney Norman Vroman, is
>a defense lawyer for Lester.
>Lester during his first trial faced a possible death
>penalty, but when Massini decided to retry the case
>she dropped the demand in hopes it would allow a jury
>to sort through mainly circumstantial evidence and
>return a conviction on three counts of first-degree
>murder and a single count of second-degree murder.
>On Tuesday, Massini told jurors they should look beyond
>conflicting testimony among key witnesses and focus on
>basic facts of the case. ""What this case is about is
>a cover-up of a series of gruesome murders,'' she said.
>Lester has been fingered by informants, all of whom have
>questionable criminal records themselves. But Massini
>reminded jurors not to forget what one informant testified
>that Lester had told him: "You can kill a child and still
>be a man."
>As they did in the first trial, Mason and Vroman hammered
>away at the witnesses' credibility.
>"There's reasonable doubt all over the place," Mason declared.
>Referring to conflicting testimony of two former Hells
>Angels-turned-informants, Mason said, "Good luck in
>picking which one you're going to believe."
>When the Mendocino jury deadlocked in March, it was
>the third time in 20 years that murder allegations
>against Lester ended in hung juries.
>He twice was tried for murder in Sacramento County for
>the 1977 killing of a man. Lester ultimately pleaded
>guilty to a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter and
>served a few years in prison.
>Several years ago, after the Grondalski killings,
>Lester dropped out of the Hells Angels and moved to
>Arkansas, where he lived quietly until his 1995
>arrest in connection with the Fort Bragg slayings.
>Lester and Charles Diaz, who is being tried separately,
>are accused of tracking down and killing Billy Grondalski,
>his wife, Patricia, her teen-age son and the couple's
>5-year-old daughter, after Grondalski left the Hells Angel
>chapter and tried to start a new life on the Mendocino Coast.
>Copyright 1997, The Press Democrat
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