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>    Truth in Media's GLOBAL WATCH Bulletin 97/6-8     29-Jun-97
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>Vukovar, Yugoslavia: Another International Kidnapping by Masked UN/NWO
>      * * *
>Bosnian President Detained by Milosevic's Police
>      * * *
>Some TIM Reader Reactions to UN/Belgian Troops' Roasting of Somali Boy:
>(see TIM GW Bulletin 97/6-7, 6/25/97)
>Bosnian Muslims Roasted Serb Prisoner, Too!
>by J. Peter Maher, Professor Emeritus, Chicago, IL
>     * * *
>UN/US Have Supported Marxist Regimes in Central Africa for Years!
>by Angie Carlson, Connecticut
>     * * *
>"Euroskeptics" Gaining Ground in Britain over "Europhiles"
>      * * *
>VUKOVAR, Yugoslavia - No sooner did the ink dry on our piece, "Long
>Reach of American "Justice:" World's Policeman or Pirate?" (also
>published June 29 by the WASHINGTON TIMES), another international
>kidnapping confirmed our thesis - that supranational United Nations/New
>World Order authorities are putting themselves above the law.
>Slavko Dokmanovic, 47, the former Serb mayor of Vukovar, a town in
>Eastern Slavonia, former Yugoslavia, which gained notoriety during the
>civil war in Croatia in 1991, was invited by Jacques Klein, the head of
>UNTAES (a United Nations authority policing this predominantly
>Serb-populated region), to a meeting.  As he crossed the Danube (river)
>on June 27, Dokmanovic was seized and handcuffed by about 20 masked
>gunmen, according to the mayor's security chief, Mr. Knezevic, who was
>with the mayor at the time.  Later on the same the day, the United
>Nations reported that Dokmanovic was taken to the UN war crimes tribunal
>in The Hague, Netherlands.
>It was only then that we learned the suspect was supposedly indicted by
>the UN Kangaroo Court on March 26, 1996.  Dokmanovic's indictment was
>issued secretly, according to the Associated Press.  No details of the
>charges against Dokmanovic were available.
>Ever heard of secret indictments?  Unspecified charges?  
>We haven't.  Not until now.  
>Frankly, this kind of "law enforcement" sounds to us more like "law
>entrapment."  The suspect had no idea he was a suspect.  He is lured by
>the top UN official in the region to a meeting with what is effectively
>a the head of a foreign occupying force in this country.  Masked gunmen
>snatch the suspect and whisk him out of the country whose laws
>SPECIFICALLY PROHIBIT extraditions of its nationals to the jurisdiction
>of foreign powers.
>And that's "law enforcement?"  You and I might be next on the list of
>the "secretly indicted" enemies of the NWO.
>The Nazi or the Soviet police chiefs might have been proud of the kind
>of "international justice" being practiced by the UN/NWO.  And, as it
>turns out, so is our President.  Here is the White House press release
>in which Clinton gloats over such U.N. "achievement:"
>Office of the Press Secretary
>For Immediate Release June 27, 1997
>Apprehension of Indicted War Criminal Slavko Dokmanovic
>I welcome the news that Slavko Dokmanovic, an indicted war criminal, has
>been apprehended by investigators for the International Criminal
>Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), working with the UN
>Transitional Administration in Eastern Slavonia (UNTAES).  Dokmanovic
>was one of a group of suspected war criminals who are under sealed
>indictment.  He has been transported to The Hague.  He will stand trial
>there for his role in the beatings and executions of Croatian soldiers
>and civilians taken from a hospital in Vukovar in November 1991.
>I congratulate the ICTY and UNTAES on their successful apprehension. 
>The United States continues to support fully the work of the Tribunal to
>bring indicted war criminals to justice.  Cooperation with the Tribunal
>by all the parties is a cornerstone of the Dayton Accords. 
>Ed. "O tempora, o mores!"  Bob Dj.
>BELGRADE - Our Belgrade sources said that at about 02:00 BG time (8 p.m.
>EDT) on June 29, the independent Belgrade TV stations, NTV and TVBK,
>reported the news that the Bosnian Serb President, Biljana Plavsic, was
>seized by Slobodan Milosevic's police upon her return from a visit to
>Britain.  Plavsic was reportedly taken in for questioning, and then
>transported to the Bosnian border, where she was turned over to the
>Republic of Srpska police. She was then reportedly taken to Bijeljina, a
>Serb town in northeastern Bosnia.  It is not clear whether she is being
>held by insurgents withing the RS government, or some renegade troops
>loyal to the former Bosnian Serb President, Radovan Karadzic.
>As you saw in our story, "Plavsic, Bosnian Serb President, Wants
>Karadzic Investigated," published in the TIM GW Bulletin 97/6-7
>(6/25/97), Mrs. Plavsic blew the whistle on the illicit profiteering in
>which Karadzic engaged in, along with the brother of Momcilo Krajisnik,
>the speaker of the RS Parliament, and a member of the Dayton-created
>Bosnian Presidency.  
>Ed. Looks like the Serb NWO thugs are learning quickly from their UN/US
>counterparts?  "Thugs of the world unite?" (à la the Bolshevik slogan -
>"workers of the world unite"). Bob Dj.
>NEWS UPDATES, 6/30/97: Belgrade's independent NTV reported today in its
>3 p.m. BG time (9 a.m. EDT) broadcast that the Serbian Minister of
>Internal Affairs has denied the accuracy of the earlier story about
>Plavsic's detention.  Supposedly speaking from Banja Luka (Plavsic was
>not seen on camera), the Bosnian Serb President reportedly also said the
>story was false.  
>But according to NTV's 7 p.m. BG time (1 p.m. EDT) broadcast, the
>Belgrade news agency FONET said that Plavsic's spokesperson from Banja
>Luka confirmed she had been held and interrogated by the Serbian police
>for 2.5 hours.  Plavsic is now reportedly charging Radovan Karadzic with
>attempted "coup d'etat."  And she is planning to inform the people about
>it, according to NTV and FONET.
>(see TIM GW Bulletin 97/6-7, 6/25/97)
>by J. Peter Maher, Professor Emeritus, Chicago, IL
>CHICAGO - At long last, China is kicking the British opium habit. Down
>with the Union Jack.
>The neo-colonial Canadians, Italians, and now the Belgians are all
>partying with th NWO, roasting “niggers” in Somalia and the (Belgian)
>Madeleine Albright told CBS-TV’s Diane Sawyer (60 minutes):
>"We think it was worth it"--to kill 600,000 Iraqi kids to bring down the
>"Hitler," Saddam. But they didn’t bring the Hitler down. In fact it was
>the NWO that set him up. For a good price.
>Bosnian Serbs were the first to be roasted live on the spit by their
>multi-ethnic tolerant pluralist Muslim neighbors, darlings of the NWO
>and the Free Press.  
>The Koran enjoins terror and torture for the infidel on the Believer.
>The torture and murder of the Christian Serb Slavko, born 1958, took
>place in Milici (Bosnia) on 29 August 1993.
>--Jihad--In their frequent attacks on Serb farms, Muslims in Bosnia--and
>Kosovo--regularly maim and kill their Christian neighbors’ livestock,
>especially pigs, pork being a favorite dish of Christians. This is
>inspired by Koranic dietary law.
>Slavko was impaled on a spit, and trussed like a pig, slowly roasted
>alive by his Muslim neighbors. Serbs dispatch the pig before roasting,
>their intention is to eat, not torture the animal.
>A videotape exists that shows in the distention of his mouth the death
>agony of the victim, shot by the Japanese photo journalist Yasunari
>John Peter Maher, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
>Chicago, IL
>by Angie Carlson, Connecticut
>The London Sunday Telegraph article brought back terrible memories, with
>a very sick feeling at my core.  Because of the passage of time, I had
>to review the details of the sorry history of the UN and its reign of
>terror in Katanga, which is just one country among many, terrorized by
>the UN, and backed by the US with your hard earned dollars.  I felt
>compelled in light of impending serious danger here in the US, to remind
>or inform you (from my experience) what the UN truly is and for what
>reasons it actually exists.  
>The events of Katanga happened over 30 years ago, when I was a mere
>child, and I quote heavily from M. Stanton Evans' 1962 book, "The Fringe
>on Top."  I hope, for your health and safety, you will take the time to
>read this brief history of just one UN reign of terror. 
>I was at a French boarding school in the Congo just before the terror
>struck, and my father drove me out in the nick of time.  I remember well
>the hordes of bleeding Belgian and Black residents of the Congo
>streaming across the border into Uganda seeking refuge.  Their faces
>pale and haunted by sheer terror and horror remains imprinted deep in my
>psyche and in my mind's eye.  
>Note, the US did nothing to curb the reign of terror; its rogue elements
>in fact instigated it, along with its true ally, the Communist, Soviet
>barbarians.  And as country after country (in the manner of Katanga) in
>Africa fell to Communist tyranny, the US stood by.
>When the former Belgian colony, the Congo, gained its independence, June
>30, 1960, the US backed a demand for centralized government,
>encompassing pro-Communist "neutralists," and anti-Communists.  The US
>lent its support to CIA installed Premier, Patrice Lumumba, a Marxist
>and most brutal and sinister dictator.  Throughout this period, the
>United Nations lent its support to Lumumba, protecting him and hindering
>the efforts of his various opponents.  The US in turn gave its support
>to the U.N. Katanga, a vastly mineral rich region of the Congo,
>comprising some two million people, remained relatively stable and
>quiet.  The peace loving, Christian, Moise Tshombe, viewing the anarchy
>of the Lumumba regime, withdrew from the Congolese state, and Katanga
>declared itself independent, with Tshombe as President.  
>On June 1, 1961, the UN sent its troops into Katanga, as an effort to
>put that province under the rule of the central government of the
>Congo.  On September 13, UN forces staged an all-out assault against
>Katanga's capital city, in the course of which they bombed hospitals and
>private homes, killed missionaries, doctors, nurses and Red Cross
>workers, black and white, and routinely violated agreements reached with
>The United States lent its full support to the United Nations action. 
>In 1961, the Kennedy regime provided airplanes to fly supplies to the UN
>troops beleaguering Katanga, and paid the lion's share of the bill for
>men and supplies being used to kill missionaries, residents and
>devastate hospitals.  Soviet ships on the Coast provided armaments
>covertly.  That year, Kennedy overwhelmingly supported the authorization
>of an appropriation of $100 million by Congress to meet additional UN
>obligations incurred in the Katanga slaughter.  
>After some of the worst atrocities in history, rapes and killings of
>white and black residents, bombings of civilian buildings and shattering
>the infrastructure of Katanga, the UN, with full US and Soviet support,
>shattered the anti-Communist nation of Katanga and spurred civil war
>throughout the Congo.  Senator Thomas Dodd (D-Conn.) made a fact-finding
>mission to the Congo and summed it up this way in a speech to the
>Senate, September 8, 1961: "Under the guise of assisting the central
>government and reestablishing parliamentary rule, the UN... has been
>preparing the way, step by step, for a Communist take over in the
>Within recent weeks, the UN has fostered the creation of a so-called
>coalition government, so heavily weighed in favor of the Communists,
>that, unless we do something to reverse the course of UN policy, the
>outcome is virtually a mathematical certainty... Katanga has 60% of the
>world supply of cobalt and vast mineral wealth of other kinds.  The
>control of this mineral wealth is of the greatest importance to the free
>Among the various UN officials who served there was Gustavo Duran,
>former employee of the US State Department.  Duran was UN Political
>Officer in the Congo from August 1960-61.  Gustavo Duran is an alumnus
>of the Truman-Acheson State Department, and was the subject of charges
>by the late Senator Joseph McCarthy.  
>A memorandum by James Shepley of Time magazine in the Congressional
>Record 11/14/51, described this UN official, "Duran is considered flatly
>to be MVD (Soviet secret police)."  The Congo was renamed Zaire after
>the US installed the communist Mobutu Sese Seko as dictator and he
>devastated and oppressed the nation for 32 years.  He refused to
>completely "privatize" read sell all of his nations' wealth to
>international bankers, so he had to go.  
>Today, Katanga is the province of Kivu in Eastern Zaire, precisely where
>in the last seven months the genocide of close to a million souls has
>occurred and continues.  Another Marxist dictator, Kabila, has been
>installed, after the last one out-lived his usefullness.  Today, 27
>investment corporations and scores of Western gold companies are vying
>for Zaire's/Congo's (now renamed the Republic of the Congo) vast oil and
>mineral wealth, at the complete expense of its inhabitants.  Africa's 53
>nations will be divided into six regions and ruled by Western powers
>behind its corrupt African stooges.   
>Angie Carlson
>LONDON - The European Union is undermining the English common law, said
>Roger Scruton, in an OpEd piece published by the London TIMES on June
>"The habit has arisen of dividing people into 'Europhiles'  and
>'Euroskeptics,' and of denigrating the skeptics as 'Little Englanders',"
>Scruton writes. "The thought seems not to have  occurred to those who
>take charge of our political education that skepticism towards the
>institutions of the European Union might stem from a love of Europe and
>a fear of the nationalist enthusiasms which are constantly threatening
>to destroy its culture."
>"It is especially galling to be told this now, when the French have just
>voted in droves for their National Front, and German youths are once
>again taking to the streets in search of the "enemy within". Or are we
>to conduct this debate as though there were no such thing as history,
>and no knowledge whatsoever to be gained from studying it?"
>"To an Englishman, however, this 'Euro-culture' would be of no
>significance were it not for the fact that the spiritual achievement
>which is ours, and which stands to the English people as German music to
>the Germans, and the idea of Paris to the French, has been directly
>discounted by the European machine."
>"The European courts ­ staffed by judges who have no training remotely
>comparable to that required for the common law ­ have begun to unwind
>our legal inheritance, and thereby to destroy our self-understanding as
>a European people. This violence done to the English is bound to awaken
>a reaction, even among those who have no knowledge of the common law,
>but who respond to it with the instinctive sympathy that comes from
>living under its aegis. But I suspect that the English experience is
>only one instance of a feeling that is spreading elsewhere in Europe:
>that if you genuinely love Europe, then you cannot love the European
>Ed. Isn't it interesting that as long as the NWO were about destroying
>"other cultures," such as those the Russians, the Irish, the American,
>the Welsh, the East Indian... etc., the good old imperial chaps in
>England were more than happy to play along.  But when such
>neo-imperialism starts to hit home to Good Ole England, oh my... all
>hell should be breaking loose. 
>Yet for several centuries, it was the British imperialists who dished
>out the NWO-like murderous medicines to less fortunate nations or ethnic
>groups in the world.  Now that the erstwhile master has become the
>servant of the 'nouveu riche' NWO club, does she still deserve sympathy?
>The answer is - yes, of course, the English people deserve sympathy. 
>For, the English PEOPLE, just as the Russians, the Irish, the Americans,
>the Welsh, the East Indians... have been the fodder of the NWO evil
>designs, including those concocted by the English.
>Bob Djurdjevic
>Phoenix, Arizona
>e-mail: bobdj@djurdjevic.com
>LINKS:  http://www.forbes.com/tool/html/returns0610.htm (Forbes column)
>        http://www.he.net/~cra/news/233.htm (McVeigh verdict column)
>        http://www.djurdjevic.com (Annex Research home page)

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