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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
To: pmitch@primenet.com
Subject: SLS: "Waco: Rules of Engagement" on TV! (fwd)

Make two videotape copies of this broadcast,
keep one for your records, and send one to:

Ms. Janet Reno, Suspect
c/o Department of "Just-Us"
10th and Constitution, N.W.
Washington [zip code exempt]

On the outside of the envelope, write:

  Authority: 18 U.S.C. 4,
  and Petition Clause

and mail it certified, restricted
delivery, and return receipt requested.

When you get your green return receipt back,
send a FOIA to the Postmaster at her
zip code, requesting a certified copy
of her USPS Form 3801: Standing Delivery
Order.  If she has not filed one with
the USPS, you have probable cause to
charge the signer with obstructing
correspondence, a felony.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 03:24 PM 7/1/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Well, It is finally here. The movie we have all been wanting to see is
>going to be broadcast on television! NET is going to air "WACO: THE
>N.E.T. is Paul Weyrich's conservative news and commentary television
>network---the only alternative to the mainstream liberal media tv that
>I know of! If you don't have NET on your cable then try to make
>friends with someone who has a large satellite dish in a hurry! :-)
>NET is available on C band satellite W-1 transponder 19.  I will be
>watching and recording for sure.
>Please! check out their great web site! (BTW They have a nice link to
>"The Other Side of the News.")
>--------------------------fwd message------------------
>Subject: N.E.T Special
>   July 7th 1997 National Empowerment Television will air a 
>SPECIAL: WACO: THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. This is on satellite and
>various cable networks. 7 PM pdt. (10 PM EDT) on GE-1 ch. 19 (Some
>guides call this satellite W-1)
>   Much effort has been expended to get this on TV. The program is the
>NEXT REVOLUTION. A good time to have friends over, and get the truth.
>And don't forget to cue up the VCR!!!
>---------end fwd-------
>Mark E. Howerter,  "The Other Side of the News"
>      http://www.prairienet.org/otherside
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