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>     NY Post
>     July 3
>     'They'll never find me'
>     Each new development in the Democratic fund-raising story makes it
>     seem more likely that America has been betrayed at the highest levels
>     of government. Intercepted messages suggest that John Huang, while a
>     top official at the Commerce Department, passed state secrets to his
>     former employer, the Lippo Group, a powerful Asian conglomerate. 
>     And now it turns out that some of his alleged espionage may have
>     jeopardized the lives of CIA informants, according to Rep. Gerald
>     Solomon (R-N.Y.), chairman of the House Rules Committee. 
>     It was President Clinton who appointed Huang to Commerce; the
>     President's friend, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, made sure Huang
>     was never subjected to routine security checks; and after leaving
>     Commerce, Huang went to work raising millions of dollars for Clinton's
>     re-election -- much of it from the aforementioned Lippo Group. 
>     Huang did not work alone. He was often helped by another Clinton
>     fund-raiser, Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie -- a friend of Clinton's going back
>     to Little Rock. (Both Trie and Huang also met with Clinton on
>     innumerable occasions in the White House.) On Clinton's 50th
>     birthday, Trie helped out Huang's money quest by handing officials of
>     the Democratic National Committee an envelope stuffed with
>     $100,000 in contributions, according to the New York Times -- but
>     now investigators can't find some of the contributors, many of whom,
>     it seems, simply don't exist. 
>     There is good reason to believe Trie served as a front man for foreign
>     entities. Now congressional investigators say that Trie and Huang have
>     closer links than anyone previously suspected. But don't look to Trie
>     for an explanation -- he's fled to Shanghai to avoid the Senate
>     inquiry. 
>     "They'll never find me," Trie told NBC from his China hideout. 
>     Such are Bill Clinton's friends and financiers: alleged spies and
>     foreigners hiding beyond the reach of American justice. If Clinton
>     really has nothing to hide about his dealings with them, he'd be doing
>     more to get to the bottom of their activities. 
>     Whenever the myriad scandals around Clinton worsen, congressional
>     Democrats try to deflect criticism by pointing to some minor misdeeds
>     by their Republican colleagues. When all that was known about
>     Clinton's wrongdoing concerned sexual and financial improprieties in
>     Arkansas, this partisan reaction was understandable. 
>     But now the stakes are higher: Clinton's oldest cronies may have
>     seriously damaged national security in order to raise money for his
>     re-election -- and perhaps put lives at risk. 
>     Yet Democrats continue to stall the investigation into Clinton's
>     alleged
>     illegalities. Senate Democrats, for example, have hamstrung efforts to
>     grant immunity to witnesses in the fund-raising scandals -- a crucial
>     element in building a case against the mystery-money masterminds. 
>     It may be unrealistic to expect honesty on this matter from President
>     Clinton. But at this point, it is lamentable that there are so few
>     congressional Democrats ready to value the law above partisan
>     politics. Certainly in this investigation there are no Democratic
>     Lowell
>     Weickers or Howard Bakers -- the GOP stalwarts of the Senate's
>     Watergate investigation in 1973. When the truth eventually catches up
>     with this administration, it will tarnish all of Clinton's defenders as
>     well.

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