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Subject: SLS: keeping citations handy

On the question of organizing cites,
I use a neat feature in MS-WORD for DOS,
Version 5.0B.  You can insert from a
menu of names which you create.  Thus,
I begin by highlighting the text:

  "Hooven & Allison v. Evatt, 324 U.S. 652 (1945)"  [no quotes}

and then copy it to my Insert menu as


Thereafter, if I am typing and need to 
type this citation into my text, I simply do:

  ESC-I   [execute INSERT function]

followed by "Hooven" or F1 [function key F1].

In the latter case, F1 displays a menu of
names which identify the text options I can 
insert at the cursor location.  A "name"
maps into anything from a single character
to an entire encyclopedia.  Just cursor
down to the one you need, and press ENTER.

This feature is called a Glossary in 
MS-WORD for DOS, Version 5.0B.

It is very handy indeed.

It is best to let your associative brain
select the cite name.  Chances are, that part
of your brain will keep the most current
"name" in cache.  

I do this around the office all the time.

I ask my associative brain where something is,
and a picture forms.  I go to that place, and
if the thing I am looking for is NOT there,
I will put it there, because my associative
brain is hard to alter.  This is called 
"moving the object to its permanent address."

Computer programmers know all about this trick!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>Original Written by: IN:csharp@mindspring.com.
>wwatts@gic.gi.com said on 7/3/97 2:49 PM:
>>It is with great frustration that I must admit, and apologize, that I can't 
>>find the source that made the claim. I spent the better part of last night 
>>looking through the news group postings hoping to find the person who
>>the original claim, but to no avail.
>>Since I have reached an impasse here, is their a cite that any of you have 
>>heard of that has made a ruling on the DOI's force and effect of law? This 
>>has been on of the things that I've been meaning to look up at the law 
>>Again I publicly apologize that I have relied on a claim that I can't 
>Don't fret it...it seems like the more I read, the more I learn,
>but the harder it is to keep everything oprganized...cites especially.
>More and more often I am finding myself making statements with the
>good intention (yuk) of finding the cite and providing it when 
>somebody challenges me, only to not be able to find it among the
>hundreds of books and papers and pamphlets and case printouts.
>It is VERY frustrating, but I am not about to condemn someone who
>is honestly trying to disseminate information.
>I seem to recall reading somewhere the exact opposite of your initial
>statement, and that the DOI does in fact have more standing at Law
>than even the Constitution itself, as a people can invoke it to
>throw off the Constitution, if they so choose.
>Anyway, if I can find it, I'll post it.
>In the pursuit of Liberty and Truth,
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