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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: JFK shooting - Gerald Ford's recommendation

So, who was "Badge Man"?  What was HIS name?

"Badge Man" is the tall man standing behind
the picket fence at the top of the grassy knoll,
with a Dallas Police uniform and badge clearly 
visible in the Polaroid photo, taken from across 
the street within a fraction of a second of
the rifle shot which hit JFK's cranium.  Badge
Man did not have his hat on when he squeezed
the trigger, however.

It was a simple matter for his side-kick
(E. Howard Hunt or Frank Sturgess?) to take 
the rifle from him, and hand him his hat.
Then, when other police arrive, he says to them:

"No, guys.  I've checked.  No assassins here!"

That was the assassin speaking, dressed in a 
Dallas Police uniform, complete with hat and
badge, as the other Dallas police converged
on that key position.  The movie "JFK" does a
very accurate depiction of this fateful moment
at the grassy knoll.  

Meanwhile, Hunt and Sturgess ran for the
railroad yard, where they jumped on a slow-moving
box car.  Dallas police arrived, stopped the train,
searched it, and found these "hobos", remember?
There are pictures of these "hobos" being escorted
to Dallas Police HQ, where a call came from DOJ or DOD
to release them.  They all had newly polished shoes
and clean plain clothes.

The police uniform was a very effective cover
during those crucial seconds after the
president's head was blown apart, from the 
right front -- high-powered hunting rifle --
high velocity shot, only one, to the right
cranium.  The impact spewed blood and brains
all over the motorcycle officer to the left
rear of JFK's limousine (black convertible
Lincoln Continental, modified with a special
jump seat for Governor Connelly).  This officer
stopped his bike, and immediately ran up the
front of the grassy knoll, only to find another
"officer" already there, casing the spot.

It was a miracle that Connelly survived at all!

I believe Lee Harvey Oswald was told to be a lookout, and
to fire back if he heard any shots.  When the 
first shot rang out, a sync shot, somebody in the Texas
Book Depository ("TBD") poked a rifle out of another window,
exactly at the moment when somebody on the ground pointed up 
to that exact window and yelled, "There!  The window!!  
He's got a gun!!!" 

That distracted lots of people on the ground
from what was really going on at the grassy knoll.

The "sync shot" was a synchronization, or timing shot, 
to start the conspiracy's final 3-second countdown.

Three -- Two -- One -- FIRE!!!!  Badge Man had to wait
another 2 seconds, because the President's head
was behind the Stemmons Freeway sign, from his
vantage point.  As the car rolled forward, JFK's
drooping head came into his sight, and all he had
to do was aim, and squeeze off that one shot, then
trade his rifle for a Dallas Police hat.  

Bingo!  One dead President.

One eyewitness was standing in front of the
picket fence, on the grassy knoll itself;
he later admitted he heard a bullet whizz right
past his left ear.  He flew to Alaska the
very next day, to disappear for years, until
a public TV station located him, and reconstructed
the Polaroid, with powerful image enhancement
technology.  On TV, the man turned white when he
realized he was the man in that Polaroid,
watching the President die, 20 feet away.

If Oswald was the shooter, which is extremely
doubtful, his best shot was as the President's
car was approaching the TBD:  the target was
slowing, unobstructed, and getting larger.
This was a turkey shoot, as compared to the
shot which Oswald would have had to make 
AFTER the limousine turned left at the TBD.
It was then an oblique shot, with trees in the way,
and Oswald was right-handed, so he would have
had to lean out the window quite a bit to sight
down the barrel, with the rifle butt against
his right shoulder.  This just did not happen --
not with a stumpy Italian Manlicher-Carcano,
with a bolt action which often jammed.

Again, the movie "JFK" gives you the real view --
ON LOCATION -- of that TBD office window.

Lee Harvey Oswald did not shoot John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

I am sure of it now.  Badge Man shot the President --
in the cranium, right above his right eye.  

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 11:37 AM 7/4/97 -0400, you wrote:
>International News Electronic Telegraph Friday 4 July 1997
>Issue 770
>New evidence 'points to Kennedy shooting plot'
>By Hugh Davies in Washington 
>NEWLY disclosed papers show that the Warren Commission investigating the 
>1963 assassination of President Kennedy altered its initial description 
>of the bullet wound at the urging of one of its members, Gerald Ford, 
>who later became president.
>The details have been seized on by conspiracy theorists as evidence that 
>Lee Harvey Oswald was backed by other, unknown gunmen. A death 
>certificate said that Mr Kennedy died from a shot that entered his body 
>"in the upper back region, well below the neck".
>The Warren panel said in its initial draft conclusion that the bullet 
>entered the leader's back "at a point slightly below the shoulder and to 
>the right of the spine". According to a handwritten note, Mr Ford wanted 
>this changed to say that the bullet entered the back of the neck 
>slightly to the right of the spine.
>The final report said: "A bullet had entered the base of the back of his 
>neck slightly to the right of his spine." Mr Ford said his changes were 
>simply "an attempt to be more precise".
>However, critics such as Robert Morningstar, author of a book on the 
>killing, say Mr Ford's editing raised the wound "two or three inches", 
>making it unlikely that a single bullet could have gone through the 
>president to injure the Texas governor, John Connally.
>The position of the entry wound is crucial as the only film of the 
>murder also appears to dispute the panel's conclusion that Oswald, 
>firing from a sixth-floor window, acted alone. The official version is 
>that a single bullet hit both men.
>Mr Connally, after scrutinising blow-ups of individual frames of the 
>film, said that frames 225 to 230 showed the president reacting to being 
>hit. "But I still look unperturbed," he said. "You can see the grimace 
>on the president's face. You can't see it in mine."
>Mr Ford's editing emerges after a claim by James Files, serving 50 years 
>in jail for killing a policeman, that he and Charles "Chuck" Nicoletti, 
>a Mafia hit-man, were the killers and that Oswald's role was merely to 
>confuse the evidence.
>In the late 1970s a House of Representatives Assassinations Committee 
>forensic pathology panel held that the president was struck by two 
>bullets, each of which entered from the rear.
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