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Subject: SLS: provisions for coining money

The utter convenience of paper money is
going to be difficult to fight.  If Congress
were to withdraw all paper money, and require
people to carry coins around in their pockets,
can you imagine the uproar?  It would be viewed
as a move towards a cashless society, because
"cash" means "bucks".

Metal detectors would be going off every 2
seconds in every airport in America. 

The key, imho, is to back the U.S. Notes with
gold or silver, on demand.  This is called
fiduciary money, and it is quite well defined
in Vieira's essay "Return to Constitutional Money."
The banks will need to start stocking gold and
silver coins, in enough amounts to handle all
demand, over-the-counter.

The real evil we are trying to prevent is the
creation of more debt, every time an FRN is
printed.  This linkage -- new FRN means new bond
-- must be broken.  Then we can start talking about
repudiating the massive $5+ trillion federal debt,
in a way that won't rock the markets.

Admittedly, this is not entirely constitutional,
but it is moving back from where we do NOT want
to be, so it is an effort to create small 
stepping stones away from an unconstitutional
monetary system.  There is much to be said for

Don't forget.  One of the functions of the IRS
is to stabilize the FRN.  FRB pumps FRN's into
the economy, and IRS sucks them out of the economy.
Some would say that the IRS just sucks, and they
would be right, for more reasons than one!

Two pumps, working in tandem.  Remember?

We may need a constitutional amendment to 
permit redeemable U.S. Notes to be printed
by Congress.  So be it.  But, I would rather
have Congress regulating the value of U.S. Notes,
than to have the IRS regulating the value of FRN's
by force and fraud, as a mechanism absolutely 
necessary to prevent hyper-inflation, 
a la Germany just prior to WWII.

If Congress botches the job, at least we can change
the composition of Congress.  Our only option
right now is to abolish the IRS entirely, 
because they are too hopelessly mired in fraud
and extortion to deserve another minute of life
in America.

Those are my thoughts, anyway.  These thoughts
are by way of developing a platform for monetary
reform, to be presented formally here on the

Stay tuned.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>On Fri, 4 Jul 1997 pmitch@primenet.com wrote:
>The closest to a grant of authority in the Constitution, not
>counting section 4 of the supposed "14th" Amendment, to the
>Congress to issue "paper money" is 1:8:6. If they can punish
>the counterfeiting of Securities of the United States, it implies
>authority to issue them. I am puzzled how you can argue against
>United States paper money, then call for replacement of FRNs
>with USNs. Explain, please?
>> If you regard the U.S. Constitution as a
>> grant of _enumerated_ powers, then it does
>> not authorize the United States to issue
>> paper money, particularly when that money
>> is not redeemable in gold or silver.
>> Did the People grant to the United States
>> the authority to issue paper money?
>> I don't think so.  It cannot even be 
>> inferred, via the "implied powers" doctrine.
>> The sections dealing with the coining of
>> money, and restraining the several states,
>> should not be construed as a "grant" of
>> authority to the United States to issue
>> paper money.  On the contrary, the absence
>> of such an authority is all you need to know.
>> The master of this subject is Dr. Edwin J. Vieira, Jr.
>> You MUST read his "Return to Constitutional Money,"
>> before you will be more than a bystander in this
>> important debate.
>> Congress MUST recall Federal Reserve Notes, 
>> at par, and print enough U.S. Notes for the
>> recall to be effected within 12 months, say.
>> "At par" means "one-for-one," no prejudice.
>> U.S. Notes must be printed thereafter without
>> creating ANY bogus liens, evidenced by equally bogus 
>> bonds which Congress sells to the Federal Reserve,
>> for 3 cents on the dollar.
>> What a RACKET!! It is time to stop this insanity.
>> /s/ Paul Mitchell
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