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Subject: SLS: "pain in the butt" of St. Louis (fwd)

>Paul - Hi.  I don't think I'm on your direct distribution
>list.  However, I've had your stuff forwarded to me.
>I have a friend who works in the Federal Appellate
>Court in St. Louis.  He asked me a few days ago
>(knowing I'm politically active in grass roots) if
>your name was familiar to me.  I told him, "yes",
>that I get your stuff on the Internet.  
>He said you've become a real "pain in their butt",
>because of the briefs you've written for some pro se
>litigants.  He said many of the federal employees
>are very much against many of the actions by gov't
>against the people, and then turn around and call
>us whackos because we don't think we have to pay

excerpt of response:

p.s.  Thanks for the insights about St. Louis.
Ask your friend there to itemize the liability
statutes in the Internal Revenue Code for
subtitle A income taxes.  Tell him you want
the complete list.  Then sit back and wait
(a very long time).  Hint:  "withholding agent".


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