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>The Voice of a Reformer,  by Gene Crocker, Ph.D.
> radman5@wolnet.com
>"I would not have been re-elected without the campaign contributions."  
> President W.J. Clinton
>"Be careful of what you wish, you may get it."       Chinese Proverb
>     The ELINT (intelligence gathering) Trawler Fleet of Communist China
>flies the flag of the China Ocean Shipping Company (Cosco).  They gather
>information by monitoring US military communications and our weather
>conditions and relay that information back to PLA intelligence.  After
>the US communications are decrypted, some of the information is used by
>their submarines who prowl the US coastline.  In 1996, when Communist
>China threatened to nuke Los Angeles, I assumed that it would be a
>missile from one of these submarines.   I was wrong, those missiles can
>come from the Chinese Communist mainland and be delivered accurately to
>your doorstep~because of  the actions of American multinational
>corporations and President Clinton.
>     Communist China obtains US top secrets in a number of ways.  We
>give it to them.  There are 40,000 to 50,000 chinese communist students
>and scholars at Universities and Research Centers in the US.  They steal
>it. There are an estimated 1000 US businesses that are fronts for the
>spies of Communist China. And they buy it. When the PLA want something
>that is restricted, they have representatives from a Chinese Communist
>Corporation go to the manufacturer and tell them they want to buy their
>supercomputers, or gallium arsenide computer chips or whatever high tech
>"controlled"  item they want.  The business then makes a large campaign
>contribution(s) to friendly but needy US politicians and somehow the
>laws for national security get "relaxed".
>     Certain businesses in Silicon Valley, like Silicon Graphics and
>Hewlett Packard, were big financial contributors to Clinton's
>presidential campaigns.  They make supercomputers and they wanted the
>export restrictions on them "relaxed". Supercomputers are not generally
>used in business. But they are absolutely invaluable in two areas,
>nuclear weapons research and in weather modeling for intercontinental
>missiles.  Modern nuclear weapons designed on supercomputers will work
>perfectly without testing.  It is great for the environment.  It is even
>better for countries like Communist China who want to keep their nuclear
>weapons program covert.  Weather modeling is used to predict the weather
>conditions in target areas so that the missile guidance systems can make
>the necessary weather adjustments. 
>     During Clinton's administration, Communist China has bought and
>shipped 46
>supercomputers from Silicon Graphics, Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems
>and other US
>manufacturers.  William Reinsch, Undersecretary of Clinton's Commerce
>Department (Export
>Administration) confirmed the sales and shipping of these supercomputers
>and stated that the Dept. of  Commerce has no idea of their present
>location in Communist China, in his testimony at the House National
>Security Subcommittee on April 15, 1997. 
>     Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are those small satellite
>receivers used in boats and cars and military vehicles for guidance and
>navigation purposes.  The highly accurate versions used in the Gulf War
>were designed to guide cruise and other missiles.  Donald Beale,
>President of Rockwell International announced in November 1996 that it
>has formed a join venture with Shanghai Avionics Corporation and the
>Shanghai Broadcast Equipment Factory to build GPS systems in Communist
>China.  "We see China (Communist) as a driver in our plans to double the
>size of business in Asia Pacific" said Beale. The  restrictions on GPS
>have been "relaxed" by Clinton's Commerce Department during his first
>term of office.
>     We elect unprincipled politicians whose main drive is for continued
>power.  The CEO's of high tech multinational corporations have given
>massive campaign contributions to those politicians; the net effect is
>to almost destroy our national security. All these high tech companies
>wanted was a little "relaxing" of the national security export
>restrictions, so they could make a buck.  They got what they wanted. 
>What did we get? What will we get from Communist China?
>Please distribute freely.
>Dr. Crocker is a Reform Party activist. He has a Ph.D. in Physics, a
>M.S.in Nuclear Engineering, a B.S. in Civil Engineering and a B.A. in
>Philosophy. His articles include
>"Treason at Long Beach", "The Manchurean President", and "Who Are You
>Calling Hero".
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