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  Institute (fwd)

>The Lincoln Heritage Institute is submitting the following article on the
>Cost Of Government Day which is July 3 this year. 
>"Does Over Half of Your Annual Work Life Really Go to Finance Government?
> You Bet It Does?
>By C. Grady  Drago, President 
>Lincoln Heritage Institute, Inc.
>	As if we needed any new evidence to prove that we are overtaxed and are
>paying the highest percent of taxes in relationship to the GDP under this
>administration than any other,  the Americans For Tax Reform Foundation
>(ATRF) have announced that this year, July 3 marks the Cost of Government 
>(COGD) --  the day Americans finally pay off the cost of running 
>The cost of Government this year is estimated at $3.52 trillion up $140
>billion over 1996.  
>	According to the ATRF we have spent 183 days working to pay for the
>government, at a cost of $13,500 each for every man, woman, and child, 
> $3,000 each going to pay for the cost of regulations.
>	 The juxtaposition  of the Cost of Government Day, July 3, with 
>day, July  4, is at best a sick joke. It was the threat of the imposition 
>taxes on the colonists by Parliament in 1764 that led to the war for
>independence.  One of the spin-offs of our relationship with Great 
>Britain is
>that they gave us sheep and the income tax.  That is why every few years
>Congress pulled the wool over our eyes and increased our taxes.
>	The US. implemented temporary income taxes prior to 1900, all of which 
>passed with automatic termination dates - true taxation with 
> However, beginning in 1914, with the passage of the 16th  Amendment to 
>Constitution,  Congress has passed and the President signed over 250 tax
>bills, with President Clinton's tax program being the largest in US. 
> With the burden of Clinton's tax bill weighing heavily on us, we no 
>truly control the fruits of our labor. American's for Tax Reform 
>in their latest report, show that in addition to paying record taxes,
>Americans also spend $33 billion annually  to comply with OSHA's 
>and taxpayers spend $190 billion a year just to comply with the U.S. Tax
>	Currently, Congress is in the process of passing some tax decreases which
>are long overdue.  However, we could have an enormous increase in the 
>cost of
>government if a provision promoted by the big spenders is adopted that 
>grant a $500 per child income tax credit that will be PAID to people that 
>no taxes at all.  Fostering class warfare and poisoning the well against 
>private sector are two of the big spenders favorite weapons.  That's the 
>big spenders operate -- when it comes to spending our money, their 
>borders on genius. Working with the Americans For Tax Reform Foundation;  
>Governors of California, Kansas, Massachusetts; and many other states have
>proclaimed July 3, 1997 as Cost Of Living Day.  This is not a day to
>celebrate, but a day of mourning and awareness. 
>	American's For Tax Reform Foundation should be congratulated for creating
>the COGD in order to bring our tax status to public attention."
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