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Subject: SLS: Clinton, Gore Urged to Testify

Lest we forget, Arlen Specter was on the Warren Commission,
and he STILL believes that Lee Harvey Oswald fired all the
shots which killed JFK -- three shots to be exact, one of
which hit JFK in the back of the neck, exited through the
lower front of his throat, suspended in the air for about
one second, took a 90-degree right turn, plunged into
Governor Connolly's chest, exited Connolly's chest and
crashed through his wrist, breaking several bones therein,
then exited Connolly's wrist to lodge in his right thigh,
whereupon that pristine and unscathed bullet fell out of
Connolly's thigh at Parkland Hospital, onto a waiting 
gurney, where a Secret Service officer discovered it and
dutifully entered it into evidence as the "magic bullet."
And there it remains, for all to see, in the Warren
Commission photograph of same.

Lest we forget!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>The New York Times
>Monday, July 7, 1997
>Clinton and Gore Urged to Testify on Fund-Raising
>  WASHINGTON -- A senior Republican senator investigating campaign-finance
>abuses Sunday urged President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore to
>testify before the Senate committee that begins its televised hearings on
>  "I think the vice president ought to give consideration to coming in
>himself, and the president," Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., on the
>Governmental Affairs Committee, said on the NBC News program "Meet the
>  "If I were the president of the United States and things had been said
>about me which have been said about President Clinton," Specter said, "I
>would want to speak up." 
>  Gerald Ford was the last president to testify before a congressional
>committee. He testified voluntarily before a House subcommittee in October
>1974 that he had not cut a deal when he pardoned former President Richard
>M. Nixon for his role in the Watergate scandal. 
>  Congressional investigators are examining what role Clinton and Gore
>played in soliciting what would be illegal contributions to the Democratic
>Party from overseas donors. Gore, for example, attended a fund raiser at a
>Buddhist temple in Southern California last year, at which temple
>officials illegally reimbursed monks and nuns for more than $50,000 in
>  Clinton and Gore also face accusations of making improper telephone
>fund-raising calls from the White House. 
>  "At some point, they're going to have to answer questions in some form,"
>Speaker Newt Gingrich, Republican of Georgia, said Sunday on the CBS News
>program "Face the Nation." 
>  In response, the White House issued a statement that left matters murky.
>"Consistent with the doctrine of separation of powers, the White House
>will continue to cooperate with the committee and will continue to respond
>to requests from the committee for information necessary for it to
>complete its investigation," said Lanny Davis, special counsel to the
>  Having Clinton and Gore submit videotaped testimony to the Senate panel
>is another option. But when asked about that Sunday, Sen. Fred Thompson,
>R-Tenn., the head of the Senate inquiry, said: "I haven't addressed that,
>and the committee has not addressed that. It's premature to get into
>  Thompson also said on the ABC News program "This Week" that fund-raising
>calls made from government buildings would come under scrutiny. 
>  The White House disclosed Thursday that last year Clinton called a
>potential donor, Robert Meyerhoff, after hearing that Meyerhoff, a
>Maryland businessman, was willing to give $100,000 to the Democratic
>Party. The call, which presidential aides said was a thank you call for
>making a commitment to donate money, could have come from the Oval Office.
>  Democrats tried to throw cold water Sunday on the idea of Clinton and
>Gore trooping up to a congressional hearing room to defend themselves. 
>  "It would be very unusual for a president to come and appear before a
>committee, but maybe he would want to," said Sen. John Glenn of Ohio, the
>investigating committee's ranking Democrat. 
>  When asked about Gore's role in the fund-raiser at the temple, Glenn
>said that Gore was obligated to clarify what he knew, but added that
>testifying before Congress might not be the best place to do so. 
>  Many of the most important targets of the Senate inquiry, and of its
>counterpart in the House, have either fled the country or refused to
>testify, invoking their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.
>These potential witnesses include John Huang, a former Commerce Department
>official and Democratic Party fund-raiser at the center of much of the
>  Gingrich suggested Sunday that the country would benefit more by
>granting them immunity from prosecution and hearing what they can tell.
>Senate and House investigators have so far refused to do this. 
>  But the speaker said, "Sooner or later, I think that the people's right
>to know is more important than whether or not these people go to jail." 
>Copyright 1997 The New York Times
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