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Subject: SLS: Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List /Special Update! (fwd)

>Ultimate adds plethora of new materials in June
>	Indianapolis -- The Internet's largest and most comprehensive
>listing of right to life information, the Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List,
>has added a wealth of new materials during the month of June. 
>	Ultimate, located at http://www.prolife.org/ultimate, has included
>new items such as several listings for Crisis Pregnancy Centers, news
>stories, Supreme Court decisions, individual state abortion statistics and
>much more. 
>	Since October 1995, Ultimate has received almost 45,000 visitors. 
>Created in April 1995, Ultimate has seen almost 50,000 visitors in its
>history and approximately 850,000 hits. 
>	Created by Steven Ertelt, Ultimate provides educational
>information, lists of pro-life organizations, health info, abortion
>alternatives and much more.
>	"Ultimate has really come into it's own," Ertelt noted, "and it's
>success is due to the pro-life folks who have visited it, submitted
>materials, and provided links to the page." 
>	Ertelt points out that more success comes at the hand, or
>computer, of Sally Winn. 
>	"Sally has come aboard as a partner in the project and has
>provided a wonderful face-lift to Ultimate with professional-looking
>graphics. She's also responsible for some of the content and for
>co-producing the other sites:  The Armchair Lobbyist and Crisis Pregnancy
>Centers Online," Ertelt concludes.
>	New materials added in June to Ultimate, located at
>http://www.prolife.org/ultimate, include:
>                 Austin (TX) Crisis Pregnancy Center 
>                 Sure Hope Crisis Pregnancy Center, Hillsboro NH 
>                 Mesilla Valley Pregnancy Resource Center (NM) 
>                 Adoption Agencies.Org 
>                 Helping Hand CPC, Red Bank, NJ 
>                 Voices of Adoption 
>                 Human Rights for the Unborn (Austria) 
>                 Cal. St. Fullerton Life Choices 
>                 CURE (anti-euthanasia) 
>                 Youth Life International 
>                 Poland abortion law struck down 
>                 Columbia legalizes euthanasia 
>                 Illegal Abortions in Ireland 
>                 Abortion Alternatives Effective in Italy 
>                 Nat Henthoff addresses assisted suicide 
>                 Wassau, WI CPC 
>                 Associated CPC (Madison, WI) 
>                 CPC in Lebanon, OR 
>                 Gateway Pregnancy Center (Irvington, NJ) 
>                 Brazos Valley CPC (Bryan, TX) 
>                 Problem Pregnancy Center (Midland, TX) 
>                 Carolina Pregnancy Center (Spartanburg, SC) 
>                 Abortion Stats by State, 1992 
>                 Erie (PA) People for Life 
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