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Subject: SLS: Huang Firm May have funneled funds from Lippo group (fwd)

>   Huang Firm May Have Funneled Funds From Lippo
>   WASHINGTON (Reuter) - A real estate holding company run by former
>   Commerce Department official John Huang while he worked for financial
>   conglomerate Lippo Group apparently was used to funnel money from
>   Indonesia into U.S. election campaigns, the Washington Post reported
>   in its Monday editions.
>   The newspaper, quoting sources close to a Senate probe into campaign
>   finance activities, said Senate investigators had found documents that
>   showed Hip Hing Holdings Ltd., part of the Lippo Group, received
>   regular injections of foreign funds, and gave about $79,000 in
>   political contributions.
>   Another report, in Monday's New York Times, said President Clinton
>   took a personal interest in the hiring of Huang.
>   Huang, a former fund-raiser for the Democratic National Committee, has
>   emerged as a central figure in the campaign fund-raising scandal. He
>   formerly headed Lippo's U.S. operations and was Hip Hing's vice
>   president, before joining the Commerce Department.
>   Tennessee Republican Sen. Fred Thompson and his Senate Governmental
>   Affairs Committee will begin hearings Tuesday to determine whether
>   China and other foreign interests sought to influence U.S. foreign
>   policy by helping Clinton and the Democratic Party with illegal
>   political contributions.
>   It is illegal under U.S. election law for noncitizens or nonlegal
>   residents to contribute to campaigns, or for anyone to contibute in
>   someone else's name. Any money donated by corporations must come from
>   income generated in the United States.
>   The documents obtained by Senate investigators showed that Hip Hing
>   Holdings did not generate enough income to cover the political
>   contributions it made to local, state and federal campaigns from 1991
>   to 1993, the Post said.
>   The investigators were also examining whether funds from Hip Hing
>   might have been used to reimburse Lippo executives for political
>   contributions, according to the newspaper report.
>   Huang and Charles Yah Lin Trie, a former Arkansas restaurant owner and
>   longtime friend of Clinton, raised nearly $4 million from
>   Asian-American sources during the 1996 presidential campaign, but the
>   Democratic National Committee has returned $1.6 million in
>   questionable contributions raised by Huang and $645,000 donated or
>   raised by Trie.
>   Huang has made clear he would invoke the Fifth Amendment against
>   self-incrimination if called to testify, but he still might be forced
>   to appear.
>   In New York, the Times reported in Monday's editions that President
>   Clinton approached the Democratic National Committee on behalf of
>   Huang, and administration officials strongly urged the committee to
>   hire Huang so he could begin soliciting funds from Asian-Americans.
>   Clinton took personal interest in the hiring of Huang, going so far as
>   to ask the committee's finance chairman in November 1995 whether Huang
>   would be hired, the newspaper said.
>   The paper attributed the information to Congressional investigators.
>   Five days after the conversation in which Clinton told the finance
>   chairman that Huang had come "highly recommended", Huang was hired as
>   the committee's vice chairman of finance, the Times reported.
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