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Subject: SLS: OKC Bombing bombshell (fwd)

>Actually, this is example below is not the most shocking recent omission 
>made by the sit-down comedy shows called the "evening news." Not ONE WORD, 
>as far as I can ascertain, has leaked into the major electronic mass media 
>about the official report just recently put out by the U.S. Air Force 
>stating that the Murrah Building could not possibly have been damaged the 
>way it was by a single ANFO truck bomb. The report states categorically 
>that other precisely placed explosive charges INSIDE the building had also 
>to be placed. 
>NOT A WORD TO THE PUBLIC. Draw your own conclusions about Tom Brocaw, Peter 
>Jennings, and Dan Rather.   H. Ayre.
>>>[Editors Note:  Below is a note from the person that transcribes radio 
>>>programs for TPD that I refer to as "Anonymous."]
>>>Oklahoma Bombing News
>>>There was a huge event related to the Oklahoma City bombing 
>>>case which occurred on Monday, June 30th. There is a 
>>>massive news blackout on this story, which was written up 
>>>for the McCurtain Daily Gazette by J.D. Cash (circulation of
>>>about 3,000) and is only now (just barely!) trickling out of
>>>Jim Quinn reported this on his show this morning. I can only
>>>guess that he got it e-mailed to him by someone in Oklahoma 
>>>who listens to his show on the Internet. I have not 
>>>transcribed the full details yet because I have been 
>>>searching the net for some scrap of this story, but it is 
>>>nonexistent as far as any of the news wires, etc. are 
>>>concerned. It should have made front page news and been the
>>>lead-off story on the network news shows. It goes something
>>>like this. 
>>> On Monday there was a pre-trial hearing for Carol Howe. 
>>>During this hearing, Ms. Howe's attorney (I'll have to get 
>>>his name off my tape) was questioning an FBI agent. Under 
>>>heavy and persistent questioning from Ms. Howe's attorney, 
>>>this FBI agent finally admitted that the leader and founder 
>>>of Elohim City, Rev. Robert Millar, was a confidential 
>>>informant of the FBI! When this information came out, 
>>>pandemonium broke out in the courtroom. A senior FBI agent 
>>>and prosecution attorneys got up and stormed out of the 
>>>courtroom in disgust. 
>>> Robert Millar, known at Elohim City as "Grampa", was a 
>>>major instigator, along with Andreas Strassmeir, in pushing 
>>>his followers at this Neo-Nazi white supremicist terrorist 
>>>training facility to "go to war" against the federal 
>>>government and to blow up federal buildings. The admission 
>>>in court by this FBI agent that Millar was working for them,
>>>reporting to them on the activities during this phase of 
>>>provocation into terrorist action, is a clear indication 
>>>that the federal government not only KNEW this bombing 
>>>attack was coming, but that they had their own agent provoc-
>>>ateurs present agitating the followers into illegal 
>>>terrorist action that proved deadly for at least 168 
>>>citizens of Oklahoma City. This completely blows the 
>>>government's story that they did not know about any ties 
>>>between Elohim City and the OKC bombing, that they did not 
>>>have any PRIOR KNOWLEDGE that this bombing was going to take
>>>place. It opens up a whole new door for the pending civil 
>>>suits against the federal government in this bombing case. 
>>>So, let's see, we have Carol Howe working the inside of this
>>>compound and infiltrating this group on behalf of our 
>>>Justice Dept. She reported back regularly to her BATF 
>>>handlers and--GET THIS ONE--it has recently been learned 
>>>that Carol Howe had the presence of mind to TAPE many of her
>>>phone conversations with her BATF handlers when she was 
>>>reporting on the details of the bombing plans and other 
>>>activities. You better know that the Justice Dept. is in a 
>>>BIG SWEAT over this! And the FBI and Justice Dept. had 
>>>Andreas Strassmeir working for them as an agent provocateur.
>>>He has since fled back to his native Germany where he is 
>>>secluded and will not talk to any media or investigators. 
>>>And now we learn about Robert "Grampa" Millar being part of 
>>>the Justice Dept.'s little coterie of undercover informants 
>>>and another agent provocateur. According to Quinn's report 
>>>the scene at the courtroom on Monday was absolute bedlam!
>>>Has anyone heard a word about this? Read anything? Seen any 
>>>of it on the news? Not! The lid is on and they must be on 
>>>pins and needles at the White House over this one.
>>>"There has not been a single, solitary soul accuse me or my
>>>wife of doing anything illegal not only in the White House, 
>>>in the presidential campaign, or in the governor's election."
>>>Bill Clinton December 20, 1995 
>>>as reported in the Los Angeles Times on December 21, 1995
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