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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Comments on "The Opening Brief"

Dear Clients and Friends,

Dave Delaney's "Freedom House" newsletter
for June / July '97 has a two-page article
about the OPENING BRIEF on pages 15 and 16,
written by Paul Andrew Mitchell.

Dave also wrote me this long-hand message
on page 15:

"Thank you, Paul.  It is a very good piece!"

 /s/ Dave Delaney

Dave's mailing location is:

  Dave Delaney's
  Freedom House
  P.O. Box 212
  Conklin 13748/tdc

If you use this mailing location, be sure to
tell him about USPS Publication #221, available
at the local post office.

Freedom House is published 10 times per year.
Annual subscription donation is $20.00.
Per issue: $5.00.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy:  Supreme Law Firm client

p.s.  What follows is a short but very complimentary
review of the OPENING BRIEF, from the clients' friend,
redacted for privacy.

Subject: Re: The Opening Brief

By that I believe you mean the Supreme Law Forum?

It shall be done.

If you have other.... send to me for this purpose.

Dear Client,

May I please forward these comments 
to all clients of the Supreme Law School?

I am standing by.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 11:13 AM 7/9/97 -0400, you wrote:
>This is from Caroline Grey-Ganz.  It was her husband Frank who had the
>friend in Tucson, that we tried to put in touch with you over the weekend.
>Caroline is my Business/Institutional Review Board co-director and she has
been invaluable to me from the get go as they say.
>Caroline was put "out on the street" by this mess, meaning she had to find
a job elsewhere.  
>Caroline is Summa Cum Laude, from Stanford, in the Clasics and reads
fluently ancient Greek.
>It is her family that is so involved in The Law.  She has read thje brief
and has agreed not to send or share with anyone without your prior
knowledge and consent.  Here are her comments, you may wish to develop a
relationship she already likes your work very much.  We know that you are a
"SHIVITE" that is Siva Warrior or friend of Siva.  You have got all the
>Firtst cmoonet June 24, 1997 day before filing motions.
>"You have definitely found a warrior with a quiverful of legal arrows and
>the heart to use them with purpose.  It likes me fine."
>This Morning she wrote:  (She only lives a few blocks away.)  We live on
the shore of Lake Ontario at the Delta of the North flowing Genessee River
on the East side of that river called Summerville, or White City.  The
former train builders camp, it slowly over the years has gone from tents,
to modified tents, to shacks, to summer cottages with no heat, to modified
cottages, to homes.  
>When we get back on our feet we will be happy to send you a ticket and
lodge you, if you will come.
>And many miles to go before I sleep.
>Dear Charlie,
>Just finished reading Paul's brief--what an impressive document it is!  I
>sat with my copy of the Constitution and various dictionaries, and
>really appreciate his direction and meticulous expression. Virtually
>error free (only two I caught at page 34 line 23, agreement of noun and
>verb, "Appellant...request", and page 48 at line 21 "adjudicate" for
>"adjuciate"--just in case he wants to correct for future publication). 
>Also interesting to see Harlan's famous dissent in Downes v. Bidwell
>refers to an ominous trend which has since become a "Doctrine". How to
>build a house of cards.


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