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Subject: SLS: LEADERS "Insider's Report" July, 1997 (Part 2) (fwd)

>                       (LEADERS)
>        P.O. Box 3245; Frederick, MD  21705
>301-293-0001                                            Leaders@aol.com
>301-759-1010                                       Leader Mag@aol.com
>                   http://logoplex.com/shops/leaders/
>                            American Leadership's
>                     INSIDER'S REPORT  -- July, 1997
>                      Special Promotional Publication
>                    LEADERS'  PROJECTS; STATUS UPDATES:
>     "The American Citizen" (by Charles F. Dole) is now available on
>diskette from LEADERS.  We scanned and proofed this 1896 school text
>book, and now have it ready for immediate shipment to school systems,
>home schoolers, or anyone else who wants one.  What a gem!
>     The book is a primer on ethics, government operations, economics
>and history.  Since it was written prior to the creation of the Federal
>Reserve, the welfare bureaucracy, social security, etc., its emphasis is on
>self government and individual responsibility rather than Big Brother.
>     It is easy reading for elementary students, and features more involved
>philosophical debates for advanced students.  This text should be read by
>everyone--students and parents alike.  If you want a good read, skip
>straight to the chapter entitled "Honest Money."  You'll like it!  We offer a
>money back guarantee on that!
>     The price is only five FRN's per disk.  Quantity pricing is available on
>10 or more units.  This is the kind of text book that should replace the
>typical books masquerading as "unbiased" academia in our school systems
>     We need one (or more)  document editing volunteer(s) to help us
>finish the Elliot's Debates project.  3000+ pages are being scanned.  It must
>be proofread and corrected . . . a HUGE project!  Call if you can assist.  In
>lieu of that, we are going to need a temporary employee. 
>     Realistically, it will take several people at least 6 weeks at 40 hours
>per week to finish this project.  This is not a job for the meek!
> WordPerfect experience is a requirement.
>     For those unfamiliar with them, Elliot's Debates is a 5 volume set
>containing the complete History of the Constitution.  Included are James
>Madison's notes from the floor of the convention of 1787, and the
>transcripts of the conventions which ratified the Constitution in the
>13 states.  Also included are a hodge-podge of historical documents
>including debates from the first sessions of Congress, assorted resolutions
>and correspondence from the Founding Fathers, and etc.  It is the most
>thorough collection of information pertaining to the Constitution that
>      Its publication was achieved through an act of Congress in 1836 as
>an official government document, and is now out of print.  The set I am
>working from is copyright 1888, and was in the private collection of Chase
>Osborn, former Governor of Michigan.  (This set is on loan to me courtesy
>of Larry Pratt, director of Gun Owners of America.  Thanks, Larry!)
>     The need to make this information available once again cannot be
>     LEADERS seeks to create a single CD-ROM disk containing  Elliot's
>Debates, the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers, and other American
>Historical Documents.  By making this information available to researchers
>and serious constitutionists, it will enable us to PROVE the intentions of
>the Constitution's Framers when questions arise about the application of
>specific clauses.
>     We are very close to publication of another issue of American
>Leadership Magazine.  (If you have never seen the first issue, just let us
>know, and we'll send you one to examine.)  The articles for the second
>edition are complete and in the hands of lay-up.  
>     Instead of printing, the new edition of American Leadership will be
>available strictly on the Internet.  The manager of the Logoplex website (to
>whom I am forever indebted) has taken the articles, and is beginning
>production using cutting-edge new technology.
>     Using Adobe Acrobat , the magazine will be available to everyone,
>worldwide, who has Internet access!  The magazine will be connected to
>our web pages.  When it is ready (we are anticipating several more weeks
>yet), you will be able to download the software (enabling you to read or
>the magazine right from your home computer) and the magazine itself.  
>     Last time around, we printed 30,000 copies of the magazine.  Paper
>is expensive.  Distribution was limited to how many we sold, and how much
>postage we could afford.  
>     This time, millions of people can get a copy of the magazine, instantly,
>via computer--FREE!  
>     From what I am told, we will be one of the first full-sized magazines in
>publication to use this new technology!
>     That is why we have delayed publishing a print version, and one
>reason I haven't had much time to do the Insider's Report.  I hope you'll
>     A quick trip to our site on the World Wide Web will reveal some
>astonishing new developments!  We now have a map of America.  A mouse
>click on any state will instantly take you to that state's web site!  So,
if you
>want to download state constitutions, bill status, existing state law or
>votes,  court documents, or anything else your state has put up, just going
>to the LEADERS home page can take you there!  Many thanks to Ray
>Koziel for all his help making the LEADERS page a one-stop for everything!
>     As if Glenn at Logoplex hasn't been doing enough for us, he created
>a new mailing list (the LEADERS-List) service connected to our website. 
>For those without a computer, I suggest you get one.  This type of service
>is like a 24 hour discussion group.  
>     Every subscriber is authorized to "post" messages to the "host." 
>When your message is received, it is automatically mailed out to every
>other subscriber.  We can send each other updates on legislation, post
>other legislative information (such as bills from Congress, articles from
>news papers, etc.). 
>     The only thing we are requiring of our subscribers is that the posting
>relate, in some remote way, to legislation or law.
>     You may subscribe to the LEADERS list for free.  To subscribe, type:
>                            Subscribe leaders-l
>in the body of an e-mail addressed to:
>                        leaders-l-info@logoplex.com
>     That's all you need do to be on the list.  (Remember, it is the "Leaders
>List", hence make sure you type an "L", not a 1 [one] when subscribing.
>     Probably because we don't  constantly nag you, some folks have not
>yet renewed their memberships.  Don't worry--they can cancel my credit
>privileges because I refuse to use a Social Security number, and even
>attack me in the media--but I'm still going to pursue the LEADERS mission.
>     Please check your membership certificates!  If you have not renewed
>--folks, this office needs money badly.  We don't need thousands (except
>for the Elliot's project), but a few hundred would help me keep the postage
>covered so that I can resume publication of the Insider's Reports. (... Now
>that the American Leadership project is on its way, and a few other things
>are settling down again.)  
>     We never stop needing financial help to continue printing, duplicating
>and creating tools for the constitutionist movement to use.  If you have not
>yet done so, please put LEADERS on your list of things to do today!  Send
>in a little extra, if you can . . .
>     LEADERS operates with a nationwide network of people--the most
>active of which are our State Coordinators.  If you wish to help in your
>state, contact your State Coordinator to let him/her know what you can do.
>     (If you have the ability to do so, and your state is not listed below, 
>please indicate your interest in helping organize your state.  There are
>many things you can do!)
>     LEADERS has one or more State Coordinators in each of the
>following states:
>     AK, CT, FL, HI, ID, IL, MD, NH, NJ, NM, OH, PA, TX, WA, WI
>     Many thanks go out to those who are truly going beyond the call of
>duty in assisting the patriot movement.  
>     This month, LEADERS gives special thanks, once again, to Bernice
>Howell, our Idaho State Coordinator, for all her help in gathering
>about the Senator Ipsen proposal to defeat the Con-con; and also for her
>research efforts helping us prepare the forthcoming article on Idaho
>Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth (see it in the new edition of American
>Leadership).  If we had a fireball like Bernice in every state, LEADERS
>would soon be as recognized as American Bar Association!  Thanks
>     Beginning the debate in your home town, or state, is easy.  Decide
>what you are best at.  You can offer classes at your local church or
>community college.  You may be able to help train activists.  Getting on
>radio talk shows is important--and all of these types of activities are
>critical to the movement to restore constitutional government.
>     In most cases, achieving something is just about as easy as asking. 
>     To help us expand our numbers, please remember to contact your
>local radio talk shows!  Tell them about us, and encourage them to have us
>on the air with them!   Call the show when the regular host is on the air and
>politely suggest the LEADERS network of speakers!  We have some very
>articulate people that WILL generate interest in restoring the Constitution. 
>But unless we can get on those microphones, these ideas just sit and wait
>for an audience.  Help us reach that audience by radio.  Whether it is short
>wave, local AM, or syndicated national programs--think of us, and help us
>spread the word!

>     To help educate the masses, or the representatives of the people,
>LEADERS has prepared quite a list of support materials.  (If writing, ask
>about our LEADERS Legislative Program for State and Local Government--
>a collection of ideas drafted by LEADERS and our constitutionist allies to
>help restore limits on government--at all levels.)  We now have available the
>following ISSUE BRIEFS, for 2.50 FRN's each.  Order, duplicate, and
>distribute widely!  Consider giving these to your associates at work, in
>of the Post Office, or to whomever you think might read them and ponder
>the realites . . .
>#01       Motor Voter Act Unconstitutional
>#02       Authority of States/President to Intervene on Behalf of Sound Money
>#03       What is a "Dollar"
>#04       Social Security's Days Are Numbered
>#05       The B.B.A.: Friend or Foe?
>#06       Who Is The Militia?
>#07       The Family Leave Bill: A Congress in Rebellion
>#08       National Endowment for the Arts vs. The Constitution
>#09       Historical Evidence of the Application of a Direct Tax on State
>#10       Law To Imprison Renegade Judges
>#11       Constitutional Convention/Conference of States:  Just Say "NO!"
>#12       The National Sales Tax Hoax
>#13       Balancing the Budget: The Facts
>#14       The Income Tax Authority of Congress
>#15       Testimony, House Ways and Means Committee on the Income 
>              Tax Authority of Congress
>#16       Line Item Veto Transfers Awesome Power to Executive
>#17       Fixing Corporations, Parts 1 & 2
>#18       Rethinking the Petty Offense Doctrine (Trial by Jury)
>#19       On The Right Of State Nullification
>#20       Restoring America's Economic Health
>#21       Facts About the Income Tax (Your Government[s] May Not Want You
To Know)
>#22       Commentary on the Voluntary Nature of Social Security
>#25       Davy Crockett Discovers Constitutional Limits
>                            MISSION STATEMENT 
>     The Legislative Exchange Association, Drafting, Editing and Research
Service (LEADERS) is a sole-proprietorship venture established by Christian
writer Harold W. Bolinger for the purpose of creating a vehicle for a more
broad understanding of the Constitution for the United States of America.  
>     LEADERS is a voluntary association and assembly of individuals
protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution for the United
States of America; to wit: 
>     "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or 
>     prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of
speech or of
>     the press; or of the right of the people to peaceably to assemble,
and to petition
>     the Government for a redress of grievances."
>     As a First Amendment forum for the exchange of information,
legislative and political ideas, LEADERS accepts information contributions
and proposals from any source, so long those contributions have at their
root the principles of freedom established by the Constitution's Framers in
1787, and are supported by evidence in the affirmative.  Persons,
institutions and groups are invited and encouraged to contribute ideas to
> Information submitted will be posted to our World Wide Web site, and
distributed through other means, after it has been thoroughly reviewed for
accuracy by Constitutional scholars affiliated with LEADERS.  As the
American people need a reliable source of accurate information, we hope to
make LEADERS that source.
>Our goals include:
>1.  Developing legislation designed to reduce the size of the Federal
Government to that which can be easily justified by the language and intent
of the Constitution for the United States of America; and
>2.  Developing a unified, Constitutional platform for candidates for state
and federal offices that embodies the principles of limited, constitutional
government; and 
>3.  Seeking out and training candidates for elected office with
information supporting "original intent" principles; and  
>4.  Providing substantive historical review and access to information
helpful to a broader general understanding of government by citizens and
government officials alike; and 
>5.  Conducting research, studies, and bill drafting efforts to evaluate
and reform governmental programs deemed not in conformity to the limits of
the Constitution for the United States of America as identified in original
sources for evaluation of such intent; and 
>6.  To prepare reports, press releases, pamphlets and other materials
intended for the use of the general public based on the results of such
research and studies; and 
>7.  To make available once again out-of-print historical or public domain
works by the republication thereof using electronic or print media; and 
>8.  To publish a journal, to be known as "American Leadership Magazine,"
with scholarly commentary on the activities of individuals making up the
American body politic, and for other purposes.
>LEADERS makes no representation that the legislative proposals offered in
any of our publications are intended for any particular state.  LEADERS is
NOT a "lobbying" entity.  We employ no persons as "lobbyists" or official
representatives for the purpose of influencing legislation.  We offer
information contributed from various sources that may be used by any
individual in any manner they deem appropriate for their state, community,
etc.  We do not necessarily "endorse" the proposals submitted by
contributing writers or organizations.  Any individual wishing to take the
legislative proposals we offer to their elected officials, customize them
for their state, or etc. does so as an individual, and as such, is
responsible for knowing and living by the "lobbying" laws of their state.
>LEADERS pledges to live up to the highest degree of professionalism and
ethical standards in performing its mission.  Administrative costs shall at
all times be limited to only those expenses that are essential to the
survival of the institution and the fulfillment of the goals stated as its
mission.  LEADERS will neither "hire" nor "employ" any individual except
under reviewable performance contract, and such contracts shall be limited
to those functions necessary to the fulfillment of such mission.  LEADERS
shall not contribute either in-kind or
>financial support to any candidate for elected office, but may offer
training to any candidate on a "consultant" (for
>hire) basis.  Individuals contributing financial support to assist in a
special project have a right to anticipate that such monies shall not be
appropriated to any other use, so long as a designation is made, in
writing, along with such contribution.
>LEADERS may designate one or more "State Coordinators" in each of the
several states for the purpose of furthering its mission.  State
Coordinators shall at no time hold themselves out as "officials
representatives" or "lobbyists" for LEADERS, and prior to receiving such
designation shall sign a "Memorandum of Understanding" concerning the
ethical conduct expected of the title.  All State Coordinators shall
subscribe an oath to support the
>Constitution for the United States of America, and never to advocate the
overthrow thereof, and no state coordinator shall be offered any
compensation from LEADERS on behalf of such activities.
>  L.E.A.D.E.R.S. email list:  your one-stop legislative
>  action list.  To subscribe, send an email to:
>               leaders-l-info@logoplex.com
>  leave the subject blank, and the body of the message as:
>                 subscribe leaders-l
>  Be sure to visit our website at:
>        http://www.logoplex.com/resources/leaders/

Paul Andrew Mitchell                 : Counselor at Law, federal witness
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As agents of the Most High, we came here to establish justice.  We shall
not leave, until our mission is accomplished and justice reigns eternal.
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