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Subject: SLS: LEADERS' "Insider's Report" July, 1997 (Part 2) (fwd)

>                       (LEADERS)
>        P.O. Box 3245; Frederick, MD  21705
>301-293-0001                                            Leaders@aol.com
>301-759-1010                                       Leader Mag@aol.com
>               http://logoplex.com/shops/leaders/
>                            American Leadership's
>                             INSIDER'S REPORT
>                      Special Promotional Publication
>                    LEADERS'  PROJECTS; STATUS UPDATES:
>     "The American Citizen" (by Charles F. Dole) is now available on
>diskette from LEADERS.  We scanned and proofed this 1896 school text
>book, and now have it ready for immediate shipment to school systems,
>home schoolers, or anyone else who wants one.  What a gem!
>     The book is a primer on ethics, government operations, economics
>and history.  Since it was written prior to the creation of the Federal
>Reserve, the welfare bureaucracy, social security, etc., its emphasis is on
>self government and individual responsibility rather than Big Brother.
>     It is easy reading for elementary students, and features more involved
>philosophical debates for advanced students.  This text should be read by
>everyone--students and parents alike.  If you want a good read, skip
>straight to the chapter entitled "Honest Money."  You'll like it!  We offer a
>money back guarantee on that!
>     The price is only five FRN's per disk.  Quantity pricing is available on
>10 or more units.  This is the kind of text book that should replace the
>typical books masquerading as "unbiased" academia in our school systems
>     We need one (or more)  document editing volunteer(s) to help us
>finish the Elliot's Debates project.  3000+ pages are being scanned.  It must
>be proofread and corrected . . . a HUGE project!  Call if you can assist.  In
>lieu of that, we are going to need a temporary employee. 
>     Realistically, it will take several people at least 6 weeks at 40 hours
>per week to finish this project.  This is not a job for the meek!
> WordPerfect
>experience is a requirement.
>     For those unfamiliar with them, Elliot's Debates is a 5 volume set
>containing the complete History of the Constitution.  Included are James
>Madison's notes from the floor of the convention of 1787, and the
>transcripts of the conventions which ratified the Constitution in the
>13 states.  Also included are a hodge-podge of historical documents
>including debates from the first sessions of Congress, assorted resolutions
>and correspondence from the Founding Fathers, and etc.  It is the most
>thorough collection of information pertaining to the Constitution that
>      Its publication was achieved through an act of Congress in 1836 as
>an official government document, and is now out of print.  The set I am
>working from is copyright 1888, and was in the private collection of Chase
>Osborn, former Governor of Michigan.  (This set is on loan to me courtesy
>of Larry Pratt, director of Gun Owners of America.  Thanks, Larry!)
>     The need to make this information available once again cannot be
>     LEADERS seeks to create a single CD-ROM disk containing  Elliot's
>Debates, the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers, and other American
>Historical Documents.  By making this information available to researchers
>and serious constitutionists, it will enable us to PROVE the intentions of
>Constitution's Framers when questions arise about the application of
>specific clauses.
>     We are very close to publication of another issue of American
>Leadership Magazine.  (If you have never seen the first issue, just let us
>know, and we'll send you one to examine.)  The articles for the second
>edition are complete and in the hands of lay-up.  
>     Instead of printing, the new edition of American Leadership will be
>available strictly on the Internet.  The manager of the Logoplex website (to
>whom I am forever indebted) has taken the articles, and is beginning
>production using cutting-edge new technology.
>     Using Adobe Acrobat , the magazine will be available to everyone,
>worldwide, who has Internet access!  The magazine will be connected to
>our web pages.  When it is ready (we are anticipating several more weeks
>yet), you will be able to download the software (enabling you to read or
>the magazine right from your home computer) and the magazine itself.  
>     Last time around, we printed 30,000 copies of the magazine.  Paper
>is expensive.  Distribution was limited to how many we sold, and how much
>postage we could afford.  
>     This time, millions of people can get a copy of the magazine, instantly,
>via computer--FREE!  
>     From what I am told, we will be one of the first full-sized magazines in
>publication to use this new technology!
>     That is why we have delayed publishing a print version, and one
>reason I haven't had much time to do the Insider's Report.  I hope you'll
>     A quick trip to our site on the World Wide Web will reveal some
>astonishing new developments!  We now have a map of America.  A mouse
>click on any state will instantly take you to that state's web site!  So, if
>want to download state constitutions, bill status, existing state law or
>votes,  court documents, or anything else your state has put up, just going
>to the LEADERS home page can take you there!  Many thanks to Ray
>Koziel for all his help making the LEADERS page a one-stop for everything!
>     As if Glenn at Logoplex hasn't been doing enough for us, he created
>a new mailing list (the LEADERS-List) service connected to our website. 
>For those without a computer, I suggest you get one.  This type of service
>is like a 24 hour discussion group.  
>     Every subscriber is authorized to "post" messages to the "host." 
>When your message is received, it is automatically mailed out to every
>other subscriber.  We can send each other updates on legislation, post
>other legislative information (such as bills from Congress, articles from
>news papers, etc.). 
>     The only thing we are requiring of our subscribers is that the posting
>relate, in some remote way, to legislation or law.
>     You may subscribe to the LEADERS list for free.  To subscribe, type:
>                            Subscribe leaders-l
>in the body of an e-mail addressed to:
>                        leaders-l-info@logoplex.com
>     That's all you need do to be on the list.  (Remember, it is the "Leaders
>List", hence make sure you type an "L", not a 1 [one] when subscribing.
>     Probably because we don't  constantly nag you, some folks have not
>yet renewed their memberships.  Don't worry--they can cancel my credit
>privileges because I refuse to use a Social Security number, and even
>attack me in the media--but I'm still going to pursue the LEADERS mission.
>     Please check your membership certificates!  If you have not renewed
>--folks, this office needs money badly.  We don't need thousands (except
>for the Elliot's project), but a few hundred would help me keep the postage
>covered so that I can resume publication of the Insider's Reports. (... Now
>that the American Leadership project is on its way, and a few other things
>are settling down again.)  
>     We never stop needing financial help to continue printing, duplicating
>and creating tools for the constitutionist movement to use.  If you have not
>yet done so, please put LEADERS on your list of things to do today!  Send
>in a little extra, if you can . . .
>     LEADERS operates with a nationwide network of people--the most
>active of which are our State Coordinators.  If you wish to help in your
>state, contact your State Coordinator to let him/her know what you can do.
>     (If you have the ability to do so, and your state is not listed below, 
>please indicate your interest in helping organize your state.  There are
>many things you can do!)
>     LEADERS has one or more State Coordinators in each of the
>following states:
>     AK, CT, FL, HI, ID, IL, MD, NH, NJ, NM, OH, PA, TX, WA, WI
>     Many thanks go out to those who are truly going beyond the call of
>duty in assisting the patriot movement.  
>     This month, LEADERS gives special thanks, once again, to Bernice
>Howell, our Idaho State Coordinator, for all her help in gathering
>about the Senator Ipsen proposal to defeat the Con-con; and also for her
>research efforts helping us prepare the forthcoming article on Idaho
>Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth (see it in the new edition of American
>Leadership).  If we had a fireball like Bernice in every state, LEADERS
>would soon be as recognized as American Bar Association!  Thanks
>     Beginning the debate in your home town, or state, is easy.  Decide
>what you are best at.  You can offer classes at your local church or
>community college.  You may be able to help train activists.  Getting on
>radio talk shows is important--and all of these types of activities are
>to the movement to restore constitutional government.
>     In most cases, achieving something is just about as easy as asking. 
>     To help us expand our numbers, please remember to contact your
>local radio talk shows!  Tell them about us, and encourage them to have us
>on the air with them!   Call the show when the regular host is on the air and
>politely suggest the LEADERS network of speakers!  We have some very
>articulate people that WILL generate interest in restoring the Constitution. 
>But unless we can get on those microphones, these ideas just sit and wait
>for an audience.  Help us reach that audience by radio.  Whether it is short
>wave, local AM, or syndicated national programs--think of us, and help us
>spread the word!

>     To help educate the masses, or the representatives of the people,
>LEADERS has prepared quite a list of support materials.  (If writing, ask
>about our LEADERS Legislative Program for State and Local Government--
>a collection of ideas drafted by LEADERS and our constitutionist allies to
>help restore limits on government--at all levels.)  We now have available the
>following ISSUE BRIEFS, for 2.50 FRN's each.  Order, duplicate, and
>distribute widely!  Consider giving these to your associates at work, in
>of the Post Office, or to whomever you think might read them and ponder
>the realites . . .
>#01       Motor Voter Act Unconstitutional
>#02       Authority of States/President to Intervene on Behalf of Sound Money
>#03       What is a "Dollar"
>#04       Social Security's Days Are Numbered
>#05       The B.B.A.: Friend or Foe?
>#06       Who Is The Militia?
>#07       The Family Leave Bill: A Congress in Rebellion
>#08       National Endowment for the Arts vs. The Constitution
>#09       Historical Evidence of the Application of a Direct Tax on State
>#10       Law To Imprison Renegade Judges
>#11       Constitutional Convention/Conference of States:  Just Say "NO!"
>#12       The National Sales Tax Hoax
>#13       Balancing the Budget: The Facts
>#14       The Income Tax Authority of Congress
>#15       Testimony, House Ways and Means Committee on the Income
>             Tax Authority of Congress
>#16       Line Item Veto Transfers Awesome Power to Executive
>#17       Fixing Corporations, Parts 1 & 2
>#18       Rethinking the Petty Offense Doctrine (Trial by Jury)
>#19       On The Right Of State Nullification
>#20       Restoring America's Economic Health
>#21       Facts About the Income Tax (Your Government[s] May Not Want You To
>#22       Commentary on the Voluntary Nature of Social Security
>#25       Davy Crockett Discovers Constitutional Limits
>                            MISSION STATEMENT 
>     The Legislative Exchange Association, Drafting, Editing and Research
>Service (LEADERS) is
>a sole-proprietorship venture established by Christian writer Harold W.
>Bolinger for the purpose
>of creating a vehicle for a more broad understanding of the Constitution for
>the United States of
>     LEADERS is a voluntary association and assembly of individuals protected
>under the First
>Amendment of the Constitution for the United States of America; to wit:
>     "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
>     prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of
>speech or of
>     the press; or of the right of the people to peaceably to assemble, and
>to petition
>     the Government for a redress of grievances."
>     As a First Amendment forum for the exchange of information, legislative
>and political ideas,
>LEADERS accepts information contributions and proposals from any source, so
>long those
>contributions have at their root the principles of freedom established by the
>Framers in 1787, and are supported by evidence in the affirmative.  Persons,
>institutions and
>groups are invited and encouraged to contribute ideas to LEADERS.
> Information submitted will
>be posted to our World Wide Web site, and distributed through other means,
>after it has been
>thoroughly reviewed for accuracy by Constitutional scholars affiliated with
>LEADERS.  As the
>American people need a reliable source of accurate information, we hope to
>that source.
>Our goals include:
>1.  Developing legislation designed to reduce the size of the Federal
>Government to that which
>can be easily justified by the language and intent of the Constitution for
>the United States of
>America; and
>2.  Developing a unified, Constitutional platform for candidates for state
>and federal offices that
>embodies the principles of limited, constitutional government; and
>3.  Seeking out and training candidates for elected office with information
>supporting "original
>intent" principles; and 
>4.  Providing substantive historical review and access to information helpful
>to a broader general
>understanding of government by citizens and government officials alike; and
>5.  Conducting research, studies, and bill drafting efforts to evaluate and
>reform governmental
>programs deemed not in conformity to the limits of the Constitution for the
>United States of
>America as identified in original sources for evaluation of such intent; and
>6.  To prepare reports, press releases, pamphlets and other materials
>intended for the use of the
>general public based on the results of such research and studies; and
>7.  To make available once again out-of-print historical or public domain
>works by the
>republication thereof using electronic or print media; and
>8.  To publish a journal, to be known as "American Leadership Magazine," with
>commentary on the activities of individuals making up the American body
>politic, and for other
>LEADERS makes no representation that the legislative proposals offered in any
>of our
>publications are intended for any particular state.  LEADERS is NOT a
>"lobbying" entity.  We
>employ no persons as "lobbyists" or official representatives for the purpose
>of influencing
>legislation.  We offer information contributed from various sources that may
>be used by any
>individual in any manner they deem appropriate for their state, community,
>etc.  We do not
>necessarily "endorse" the proposals submitted by contributing writers or
>organizations.  Any
>individual wishing to take the legislative proposals we offer to their
>elected officials, customize
>them for their state, or etc. does so as an individual, and as such, is
>responsible for knowing and
>living by the "lobbying" laws of their state.
>LEADERS pledges to live up to the highest degree of professionalism and
>ethical standards in
>performing its mission.  Administrative costs shall at all times be limited
>to only those expenses
>that are essential to the survival of the institution and the fulfillment of
>the goals stated as its
>mission.  LEADERS will neither "hire" nor "employ" any individual except
>under reviewable
>performance contract, and such contracts shall be limited to those functions
>necessary to the
>fulfillment of such mission.  LEADERS shall not contribute either in-kind or
>financial support
>to any candidate for elected office, but may offer training to any candidate
>on a "consultant" (for
>hire) basis.  Individuals contributing financial support to assist in a
>special project have a right
>to anticipate that such monies shall not be appropriated to any other use, so
>long as a designation
>is made, in writing, along with such contribution.
>LEADERS may designate one or more "State Coordinators" in each of the several
>states for the
>purpose of furthering its mission.  State Coordinators shall at no time hold
>themselves out as
>"officials representatives" or "lobbyists" for LEADERS, and prior to
>receiving such designation
>shall sign a "Memorandum of Understanding" concerning the ethical conduct
>expected of the
>title.  All State Coordinators shall subscribe an oath to support the
>Constitution for the United
>States of America, and never to advocate the overthrow thereof, and no state
>coordinator shall
>be offered any compensation from LEADERS on behalf of such activities.
>Unsub info - send e-mail to majordomo@majordomo.pobox.com, with
>"unsubscribe liberty-and-justice" in the body (not the subject)
>Liberty-and-Justice list-owner is Mike Goldman <whig@pobox.com>

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