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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Banks to lower the reporting threshold

Your friendly local banker speaks to the children,
over my dead body.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>I found a wonderful site tonight, www.nwlink.com/~idzrus/
>and discoverd this note in the "Grass Clippings" section,
>thought you might enjoy it.  Have a gander at the site too,
>when you have time.
>Subject: Heads up--Banks to lower reporting threshold
>Deb de Grassrooter 
>Radio talk show host Micheal Reagan confirmed on his show tonight that the
>Treasury Dept. is trying (not sure what stage it is now--he didn't say) to
>implement as soon as possible the lowering of BOTH the deposit AND
>withdrawal "red flag" per transaction dollar amount reportable to the T.D.
>from the current $10,000.00 to (get this now!), $500.00!!!!  Kirby was
>right, but didn't have the whole impact.  They're coming right out and
>admitting that it is for establishment of financial accountability in
>citizens reporting ALL income and outgo so to "catch those tax dodging
>criminals who are working under the table for cash, and businesses lying
>about employee wages."
>Don't forget those dirty rotten stinking dead-beat dads! "It's for the
>children." Sound familiar?? I found out that the regular laser scanners at
>the checkout stands do work (am looking for anyone who will personally
>confirm they've seen it used) for scanning the bar code in your paper money.
> It's only a software deal. They just run it over like coupons or products. 
>Guess what.  They have no known way to process this incredible,
>statistically, unimaginably gargantuan amount of data/information.  There's
>260 million Americans in the U.S.!  NO GOVERNMENT AGENCY OF STATE 
>Do you think people might be motivated to line up and get their "new
>National ID cards" with a chosen biometric, computer chip, bar code, 
>and SS number--not to mention that beloved mug shot if they 
>*know* they'll get *NO*
> --1) Bank account (cash, checks, plastic), 
> --2) Medicare payments,
> --3) SS payments,
> --4) Insurance (medical, auto, life),
> --5) Job working for anyone who must report income, 
> --6) Welfare (food stamps, etc.), 
> --7) driver's license, 
> --8) public school or college education (you child abuser), 
> --9) business license (require cash/ID readers)
> --Ad nauseum!!!!!!!!  
>All they have to do is say "No ID, no bank account," (as you know) and
>that'll be it for most people.  The Dept. of Treasury already has law that
>requires an SS for every name on every account.  I went round with mine
>about supplying the girls' numbers.  I made her "swear" to me that federal
>law required the bank to report all accounts per SS number--she finally
>did, and was none too happy about it.  She was really nice, but I made her
>think, and she could not answer all my questions.  (you're better at that
>than I am.)  North has supplied web links to documentation that comrades
>Clinton and Gore are well aware of the upcoming disaster, but ALL are
>stalling.  They are not responding (for many obvious reasons).  You can't
>*even* tell me there's not a system being readied that will be able to
>handle ground zero data--but a lot of people could be considered
>expendable. It will be interesting to see how GOD moves intricately through
>ever strange detail and possible scenario.  Maybe yes, maybe....... 

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