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Subject: SLS: JOSEPH NEWMAN'S THEORY By Roger Hastings Ph.D. (fwd)

There is another equation which mankind
will soon explore in a big way:

M = E / (C ^ 2)

This is a formulaic metaphor for Creation.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>><< Going further, Joe realized that when a magnetic field is created, its
>> gyroscopic particles must come from the atoms of the materials which
>> created the field.  Thus he decided that all matter must consist of the
>> same gyroscopic particles.  For example, when a voltage is applied to a
>> wire, Newman pictures gyroscopic particles (which I will call gyrotons for
>> short) moving down the wire at the speed of light.  These gyrotons line up
>> the electrons in the wire.  The electrons themselves consist of a swirling
>> mass of gyrotrons, and their matter fields combine when lined up to form
>> the magnetic lines of force circulating around the wire.  In this process,
>> the wire has literally lost some of its mass to the magnetic field, and
>> this is accounted for by Einstein's equation of energy equals mass times
>> the square of the speed of light.  According to Einstein, every conversion
>> of energy involves a corresponding conversion of matter.  According to
>> Newman, this may be interpreted as an exchange of gyrotrons.  For example,
>> if two atoms combine to give off light, the atoms would weight slightly
>> less after the reaction than before.  According to Newman, the atoms have
>> combined and given off some of their gyrotrons in the form of light.  Thus
>> Einstein's equation is interpreted as a matter of counting gyrotrons.
>> These particles cannot be created or destroyed in Newman's theory, and they
>> always move at the speed of light.
>>  >>
>>Let's see.  "Gyrotrons" are given off, causing the atoms to have less
>> Since this produces energy, the "gyrotrons" must be converted to energy.
>> But wait, they're not, because that would be destroying them.  Am I the
>>one here who enjoys watching arguments fall apart due to their inherent
>>For freedom,
>Dear Nick,
>What you've overlooked is that the "gyrotrons" are _themselves_ "energy",
>or more accurately they represent "mass" both spinning at "c" and moving in
>a direction at "c" -- thus they are the mechanical equivalent of E=mc^2.
>Such "energy" and "mass" are operationally one-and-the-same.  They are
>neither created nor destroyed, in accordance witht the First Law of
>Thermodynamics.  The electromagnetic system described in Dr. Hastings'
>Report is transferring the relative position of these pre-existing
>"gyrotrons" from one locale (the atoms of the conductor) to another -- as
>output electrical energy.
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