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>A few months ago, some of us were discussing starting our own newspapers
>to counter the biased media. The Oregon Observer is now offering an
>instructional video to help others get started with their own paper.
>This kind of paper WORKS. Just last week another Code Enforcement
>Officer resigned in Oregon due to an article in the Oregon Observer.
>If you want to know what you can do to help take back our country from
>the slime that are controlling the masses, fight them at their own game.
>Be your own media. Check this out:
>           How To Start Your Own State-Wide Newspaper...
>                         Get The Video!
>   You've been asking for it, now it's available to you from, "America's
>Hardest Hitting Newspaper" The Oregon Observer. Edward Snook takes you
>step by step through what it takes to have a successful and hard hitting
>newspaper in your own state.
> With your video you also get a written list of equipment needed and
>access to assistance from The Oregon Observer Staff when you need
>questions answered. Starting out, many situations will arise which are
>not talked about on the video and may be unique to your area or
>circumstances. As valuable as the video is, the continued support
>program is equally important. You will also receive back issues of The
>Oregon Observer, which will give you a hands-on visual example of the
>type of newspaper that works, The Oregon Observer way. Exposure is the
>answer...Do it the right way and succeed!
>      Order your video today for only $79.00, which includes shipping
>and handling.
>                        Send your order and payment to: 
>                            The Oregon Observer 
>                        19093 S. Beavercreek Rd. #333, 
>                          Oregon City, Oregon 97045
>                                     or 
>                  Order with your Visa or Mastercard by calling: 
>                               (503) 557-9180 

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