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Subject: SLS: National ID Card now law (fwd)

Is this another example of municipal law,
under the guise of federal general law?  

I doubt very much if such a law can be enforced
upon Citizens of ONE OF the United States of America, 
aka "state Citizens", because privacy is Their 
fundamental Right.

I am standing by.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 10:14 AM 7/11/97 -0700, you wrote:
>This is a logical extension of the WOD.  But there's still time for civil 
>liberties groups around the country to stage a march on Washington.
>What do you think?
>Susan W. Wells
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> >Date: 97-05-09 00:37:41 EDT
> >
> >The "National ID Card" is now Federal Law:  Call 404-250-8105 for more
> >information. 
> >
> >Under the guise of the Immigration Reform Act of 1996 and the Welfare
> >Reform Act and the national Defense Bill, also known as Public Law
> >104-208, Part B, Title IV, the American public was mandated into a
> >national ID card.
> >
> >Section 656 of the new law states that "after October 01, 2000,
> >Federal agencies may only accept as proof of identity driver's
> >licenses that conform to standards developed by the Secretary of the
> >Treasury", (Digitized Fingerprints, Holograms, Bar Codes, etc).
> >
> >The Federal government mandates a registry of new employees:  The bill
> >requires the state to set up a "new hires directory" that would
> >require all employers to report to the state information about every
> >newly hired employee. The directory would be made available to the
> >Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services. The Associated Press
> >reported, that ALL people would be listed, regardless of age and EVEN
> >
> >Bottom line is why would they go to all this bother to register the
> >entire United States population to catch a few "Dead-beat Dads"
> >(please note the differentiation). This National registry may have
> >very little to do with making sure parents remain responsible to their
> >offspring, but more importantly has everything to do with getting
> >dossiers on everyone.  These laws (Sec. 325 (D)) require access to
> >certain records: Records of other State and local government agencies,
> >including: 
> > (I) vital statistics (including records of marriage, birth, and
> > divorce); (II) State and local tax and revenue records (including
> > information on
> >residence address, employer, income and assets); 
> > (III) records concerning real and titled personal property; 
> > (IV) records of occupational and professional licenses, and records
> >concerning the ownership and control of corporations, partnerships,
> >and other business entities; 
> > (V) employment security records; 
> > (VI) records of agencies administering public assistance programs;
> > (VII) corrections records. 
> >(ii) Certain records held by private entities with respect to
> >individuals who owe or are owed support (or against or with respect to
> >who a support obligation is sought), consisting of 
> > (I) the names and addresses of such individuals and the names and
> > addresses
> >of the employers of such individuals, as appearing in customer records
> >of public utilities and cable television companies, pursuant to an
> >administrative subpoena authorized by subparagraph (B); and 
> > (II) information (including information on assets and liabilities) on
> > such
> >individuals held by financial institutions.
> >
> >I apologize if I have run on here but the purpose is to let you all
> >know how very serious this "big brother" operation is and how very
> >little time we have to address our grievances.  Again it is important
> >to recall that although many "Deadbeat" PARENTS will be stopped in
> >their tracks with this law, the government's intent is more pervasive.
> > It will have a complete and total database containing every human in
> >the US. This database will network between State, local and Federal
> >governments. and the Feds.  It will include all information on an
> >individual, social security, credit cards, date of birth, eye and hair
> >color, distinguishing characteristics, attitude, addresses, licenses,
> >organizations, titled property, taxes, income etc.  You name it, they
> >will have it.
> >
> >The question one needs to ask is why has your Congressman, the press
> >and the regulated media not exposed this to you?  THEY DON'T WANT YOU
> >TO KNOW! I trust all of you are as concerned as I am. If you are,
> >please loop this information around the country.  Call your
> >representatives and get involved. 
> >
> >For more information please contact our web site
> >www.mcwebs.com/repeal/  All this information and more can be found on
> >this web site.  For more information if you will call 404-250-8105 and
> >leave your name and number we will mail you a packet of information.
> >Or simply pull it off the web. Cyndee Parker is available to discuss
> >this on radio and television.  It is most important we all pull
> >together to get the message out.  If anyone of you can help us
> >publicize, WE NEED YOUR HELP.
> >
> >Thanks for taking the time to read this important message.
> >
> >May God Bless all of us and the Republic!
> >
> >John
> >
> >P.S. Be sure to ask your Congressman and Senators if they even
> >bothered to read this Draconian Law.  
> >snip...
> > >>
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