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>GOP Questions Source of $325,000
>                         DNC Ex-Official Testifies
>                         for 2nd Day at Senate
>                         Fund-Raising Probe
>                         By Edward Walsh
>                         Washington Post Staff Writer
>                         Friday, July 11, 1997; Page A04
>                         The Washington Post 
>                         —Former Democratic National
>                         Committee finance director
>                         Richard Sullivan withstood a
>                         second day of questioning by the
>                         Senate Governmental Affairs
>                         Committee yesterday at a hearing
>                         in which Republicans disclosed
>                         the apparent source of two of the
>                         more mysterious contributions to
>                         President Clinton's reelection
>                         effort last year.
>                         Yogesh K. Gandhi, the head of a
>                         California foundation who claims
>                         to be the great-grandnephew of
>                         the late Indian leader Mohandas
>                         Gandhi, contributed $325,000.
>                         But according to Sen. Susan
>                         Collins (R-Maine) and
>                         documents released by GOP staff
>                         aides, a few days after Gandhi
>                         made the contribution, he
>                         received a total of $500,000 in
>                         two wire transfers from an
>                         account in a Japanese branch of a
>                         U.S. bank that was held by
>                         Yoshio Tanaka, a Japanese
>                         business associate of Gandhi.
>                         Republican committee aides said
>                         the two wire transfers of
>                         $250,000 each were clearly the
>                         source of the Gandhi contribution
>                         and that they did not know what
>                         happened to the remaining
>                         $175,000 that was not
>                         contributed. But Democratic
>                         aides countered with copies of
>                         Gandhi's bank records that they
>                         said showed his account regularly
>                         received large deposits by wire
>                         transfer.
>                         Gandhi, who made the
>                         contribution after attending a
>                         Democratic fund-raising event
>                         that was attended by Clinton, has
>                         been a largely peripheral figure in
>                         the morass of questionable
>                         campaign fund-raising practices
>                         that led to the investigation by
>                         two congressional committees
>                         and a Justice Department task
>                         force. Sullivan, who reiterated
>                         that he had no knowledge of
>                         illegal contributions from foreign
>                         sources, was not even questioned
>                         about the Gandhi contribution.
>                         The second contribution, of
>                         $50,000, was made by
>                         Democratic fund-raiser Johnny
>                         Chung, who was allowed to take
>                         five Chinese businessmen to the
>                         White House to watch Clinton
>                         make one of his regular Saturday
>                         morning radio broadcasts. Sen.
>                         Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) disclosed
>                         that three days before Chung
>                         made the contribution, $150,000
>                         was transferred into his bank
>                         account from the Bank of China,
>                         but Specter provided no other
>                         details.
>                         Amid these disclosures,
>                         yesterday's hearing went over
>                         familiar ground, with
>                         Republicans questioning Sullivan
>                         on the circumstances surrounding
>                         the hiring of former Commerce
>                         Department official John Huang
>                         as a DNC fund-raiser, whether
>                         White House coffees for
>                         contributors with Clinton were
>                         illegal fund-raising events in a
>                         government facility and whether
>                         Vice President Gore knew that an
>                         event he attended at a Buddhist
>                         temple in California was a
>                         fund-raiser.
>                         Throughout the day, the
>                         soft-spoken Sullivan did not
>                         budge from his previous
>                         assertions on these issues. Near
>                         the end of the day, Sen. Robert
>                         G. Torricelli (D-N.J.) said his
>                         two days of testimony had
>                         produced no evidence to support
>                         the opening charge of committee
>                         Chairman Fred D. Thompson
>                         (R-Tenn.) that there is an
>                         ongoing plan by the Chinese
>                         government to undermine the
>                         U.S. political system, in part
>                         through the use of illegal
>                         campaign contributions.
>                         Huang is a central figure in the
>                         web of questionable fund-raising
>                         practices leading up to the 1996
>                         election. Under questioning by
>                         Thompson, who was more
>                         aggressive than he had been on
>                         Wednesday, Sullivan said that his
>                         acknowledged concern about how
>                         Huang would conduct himself at
>                         the DNC was because of Huang's
>                         lack of experience and not
>                         because he thought Huang would
>                         seek contributions from foreign
>                         sources, which are banned by
>                         U.S. election laws.
>                         "If I had any inclination that John
>                         Huang would raise foreign
>                         money, I would have personally
>                         walked him to the elevator and
>                         walked him out of the building,"
>                         he said.
>                         Sullivan also said Huang was not
>                         removed from responsibility for
>                         coordinating fund-raising events
>                         that Clinton attended because of
>                         concern about foreign money.
>                         Rather, he said, DNC officials
>                         were dissatisfied with the amount
>                         Huang was raising in small
>                         individual contributions, which
>                         are matched by the federal
>                         government, and worried about
>                         an "appearance" problem because
>                         Huang often had foreign nationals
>                         at fund-raising events, even
>                         though they could not legally
>                         contribute to the party.
>                         Sen. Robert F. Bennett (R-Utah)
>                         raised the name of Roger
>                         Tamraz, an Egyptian-born U.S.
>                         citizen and Democratic
>                         contributor who has been charged
>                         with embezzlement from a
>                         Lebanese bank. Bennett
>                         produced a memo written by
>                         Gore's staff that described
>                         Tamraz as an "American citizen
>                         with a shady and untrustworthy
>                         reputation" who should not be
>                         allowed to meet with senior
>                         administration officials 
>                         Bennett asked Sullivan why,
>                         despite this warning, Tamraz was
>                         later invited to the White House
>                         four times. Sullivan said he
>                         relayed the memo's warning to
>                         the "appropriate people" at the
>                         DNC and "obviously he was
>                         invited" anyway.
>                         "At the very least, all the
>                         safeguards broke down regularly
>                         and seriously at the DNC,"
>                         Bennett said.
>                         At the hearings, which are to
>                         resume Tuesday, it was also
>                         disclosed yesterday that an
>                         associate of Huang's who also
>                         raised substantial sums of money
>                         for the DNC, Charles Yah Lin
>                         Trie, received a wire transfer of
>                         $149,985 from a Bank of China
>                         account in Hong Kong around the
>                         time he made large contributions
>                         to the DNC last year. Sullivan
>                         said he did not know the source
>                         of the Trie donations. 
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