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Sue 'em!  SUE 'EM!!!!!


You're going to love this.

I make a point of chatting with the
guards as I enter the Superior Court
building, just so they know to expect
a smile, and maybe a joke, or two.
That way, they relax and realize you
are not a threat to anybody.

On the way to the Court library today
(a beautiful library, tucked away on
the second floor), I decided to stop
and ask the security guards, at the
metal detector, what the rules are
about armed body guards.

THAT got their attention, like never
before.  The one woman kept repeating
herself, "No, sir, you can't come in
here with a gun." 

I told her I understood that, but she
kept on repeating herself anyway.

When I had a chance to speak again,
I asked her what my private body guards
should so with their guns.

"Oh, just tell them to leave the guns in 
their cars, down in the parking basement," 
she answered.

"Okay," I said, "but what are they going
to do between their cars, and here?"

Now, THAT question really stumped her.

The one male guard kept nodding his
head, and when he saw that she was
rendered speechless by this question,
he simply advised me to write the
Presiding Judge for permission to
bring their guns up to the front door,
and put them in the gun lock mounted
on the wall, "Over there," he said,
as he pointed at the wall, just inside
the entrance.

Then, the woman guard said, "No, sir,
you can't bring your guns into here!
I'm going to bring this matter up
with the Probation Officer in charge."

Well, the story had a happy ending.
On the way out, she stopped me and
took long enough to tell me, in a
very friendly manner, that she had
put this question to her supervisor,
and he said to tell me that the Presiding
Judge would NEVER allow the private body
guards to walk up to the front door armed,
BUT, the Sheriff's Office would provide 
a police escort from the basement
garage, to the front door of Superior

Now, I can't wait to see if that really

What about you?  


The plot thickens.

Meanwhile, on the judicial front, today
the Justice of the Peace put off the jury
trial in Mitchell v. Nordbrock for 4 months,
writing a cryptic, mostly unintelligible
order which was filled with Greek symbols, 
after receiving Mitchell's formal challenge
to the voter and juror qualification statutes
(must be federal citiens).

This is becoming a Keystone Comedy of Errata.

Stay tuned.  The Fat Lady does sing some time
tonight (or is it tomorrow morning, early?)

Who knows??

/s/ Paul Mitchell

Paul Andrew Mitchell                 : Counselor at Law, federal witness
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As agents of the Most High, we came here to establish justice.  We shall
not leave, until our mission is accomplished and justice reigns eternal.
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